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  1. We all know how Destiny support sucks so i think it would be best to share any tips that you have gained from support.

    • Destiny blocks outlook express default port 25 which is used to send mail out. you will need to use Destiny's SMTP port or your hosting SMTP port, my pop3 server could send out mail using port 587, on HostGator i am using port 26.
    • Destiny can send/recieve Gmail without problems
    • Destiny unreachable support number is 8419393, totally useless
    • some speeds may be gained by tweaking windows using a TCP/IP optimizer from SpeedGuide
  2. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    Yup, may prob nga ako sa destiny ngayon 5 days na wala net dito, pero di wala naman epekto ang speedguide sa pagooptimize ng speed dati ng may post niyan dito, wala akong prob sa outlook at nakakasend naman ako ng mail.

  3. the problem i've experienced are mostly crappy speeds and the usual reset or intermetent line conditions ... so far i was lucky enough not to experience 5 days of no service. anyways, i just emailed their support and requested a disconnection asap, i've gone back to PLDT which i think is still the better provider of the lot.

    some additions to my list above ...

    • for support and disconnection request send an email to or fax them at 4563552.
    • if you havent done this, next time a technician visits you, ask for a my|care flyer for a list of current customer support numbers. its got FAQs that arent legible by human eyes ... the layout artist who did this is an idiot!

    a suggestion to all MyDestiny Cable Internet subscribers is to dump this company and move to pldt, you get better response time and services!
  4. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    yeah lumipat na ulit kami sa PLDT, guess what tumawag ang destiny dito at nanghihingi ng bayad wahaha

  5. yeah same same ... they actually sms'ed me since i didnt give my landline. i told them i'm discontinuing my services. lol

    everyone with below average connections should drop this crappy service, this way it could either benefit those who are really getting decent speeds.

    imagine the tech that visited my place told me that the 384 to 1mbit speeds i should be getting is based on their speeds at globequest. when they test the connection via they would point to the closest link within metro manila ... geez, are we being limited to browsing local websites?

    how stoopid do they think their subscribers are? when we connect globally, its out of their hands what speeds we get ... in my case 12kb browsings and downloading speeds for 999 pesos. i could get good torrent speeds of 120 to 160kb, if that was my surfing speeds i would not have left them!
  6. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    Niloloko at binibilog nila ulo ng mga consumers nila akala nila walang alam amp. kaya lumipat na talaga kami sa PLDT

  7. mydestiny customer service sucks

    ma swerte kayo 5 days lang ako experince ko 2 months last year pinarebate ko.

    tapos itong pagpasok ng january tatlong lingo.

    intermetent connection ko my static yung linya ng kable kita sa cable tv, dahilan para sa intermetent, slow browsing at network time-out. stable pa dial-up.

    hirap tumawag sa kanila nangingilala ng number. pagdating ng ikatlong lingo ayaw n sagotin pero pag tumawag payphone sagot agad.

    sinumbong ko yung mga number na di sumasagot, alam nyo ginawa nila may problema na ko sa net pinutul ng tech support ang net ko. nakaconnect nga ako server kaya lang parang nakatawag ako sa telepono pero walang sumasagot sa kabilang linya. lokohang maliwanag

    pinadisconnect ko kaagad sabi dahil sa ginawa nila takot na gawin nila uli yun, malamang sigurado.
  8. stanelope

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    meron din pala nagamit ng destiny dito.. panget ba heheh?
  9. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    opo sir stan subra haha
  10. donetus

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    buhay pa pala myDestiny ngayon .. hehehe .. buti na lang pala di ko pinaputol yung sa Globe namin .. sabi ko pa naman eh babalik ako myDestiny pero sa mga nabasa at narinig ko, i decided to stick with GlobeDSL ..
  11. networmx

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    I agree na hindi maganda myDestiny. Pero meron lugar din na Ok yun service nila, pero karamihan pangit yun connection

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