Third Party linksys WRT54G ver. 7 firmware

Discussion in 'Utilities and Appz' started by jonzyx, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. jonzyx

    jonzyx Member

    ano ang pwede kong gamiting third party firmware for my linksys
    wrt54g ver. 7
  2. klyster

    klyster Member

    Just use the official firmware, to prevent from bricking your Linksys...
  3. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    check dd-wrt kung meron...
  4. pektong

    pektong Member

    wala 3rd party para sa version 7. using version 7 also... wala na kasing lower version or verion 8 dito na binebenta. mag wrt54gl ka na lang
  5. klyster

    klyster Member

    walang pang ver7 na 3rd party this due to small flash memory

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