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    [Programming Language, Development Applications and Game Engine Used]
    • PHP/Jquery/Ajax
    • HTML/HTML5
    • CSS2/CSS3
    • Visual Basic 6
    • DirectX
    • VB.NET 2003 - VB.NET 2010
    • .NET FRAMEWORK 2 - .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 Client Profile
    • C#
    • C/C++
    • Microsoft Office Tools
    • MySQL 5
    • MSSQL Server 2005 and above
    • Game Maker 8
    • Game Maker Studio
    • Torque Game Studio
    • Torque Advance Builder
    • Unity 3D
    • XNA Framework
    • RPG Maker 2003/XP/Vx/Ace
    • Dark Basic Engine
    • FPS Creator
    • Construct 2
    • Android SDK + Eclipse JAVA
    • iOS Objective C
    • Netbeans
    • Visual Studio 2010 all languages
    • Adobe Creative Suite CS5 - CS6 (Photoshop,Fireworks,Flash)
    [Kinds of application that we can create]
    • Website Development and Design
    • Web Application Development and Design
    • Web Game Development and Design
    • PC Software Development and Design
    • PC Game Development and Design
    • Mobile Application Development and Design
    • Mobile Game Development and Design
    • PC Automation Software Development
    [Other Services - MMORPG Private Server Creation]
    • Ragnarok Online
    • MU Online
    • World of Warcraft
    • Gunbound
    • Lineage 2
    • Aion Online
    • Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
    [Prices and Information]
    Prices would depend on the services you will avail.
    For Game Server Hosting and Development Price the minimum would be P20,000 and may increase depending on the game that you will choose.
    For Thesis Development it will also depend on the kind of thesis that you will be proposing minimum of P18,000 per item.
    [Thesis Price Ranges]
    Windows/PC Application : P12,000 - P25,000
    Windows/Windows 8/PC Games : P15,000 - P25,000
    Mobile/Android Application : P18,000 - P25,000
    Mobile/Android Games : P18,000 - P35,000
    Web Application : P12,000 - P25,000
    HTML5 Web Game : P15,000 - P25,000
    Linux Games for Ubuntu : 18,000
    +Hardware or Online Database/Webhost/Hosting : Additional of P8,000 - P15,000 (Dependes on the Hardware)
    +Rush Application Fee : Additional P8,000
    Every Service above requires the client to give or ready 50% downpayment upon signing the agreement.
    We now also accept DATA encoding service.
    Microsoft Word and Excel Data Transfer.
    Contact # : 09175845275 (GLOBE)
    Email :
    Location for Service :
    Pasig City
    Cainta City
    Taguig City
    Quezon City
    Makati City
    Other Locations can still be catered but we have to agree regarding the meeting place.
    REFERRAL PROGRAM : If you want to earn money, you can refer clients to us. for every thesis client your refer to us we give P1,000 once that client made a downpayment.

    Thank You!


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    3d game development thesis business data encoder encoding programmer


    [Contacts and Information]

    - Website :

    - Email :

    - Facebook Page :

    - Mobile #1 (GLOBE) : 0915-288-8771

    - Mobile #2 (SMART) : 0947-448-4935

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