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Discussion in 'PC Modifications' started by nethPH, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. nethPH

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    Let's start making some changes here on our community by unifying certain topics under the proper forum.


    The Air Cooler's Club is open to all members that has experiences, ideas about it or average users that wants and have the guts to try it out.

    Listed below are the members in the club:
  2. j0sefuz

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    sali ako.. :)

    my first cooler (besides from the stock HSF) is a CM Hyper 212 Plus

    my second is a CM V6GT, but not yet installed since my new rig is still unassembled as I still lack PSU and a case..

    we'll see at the end of the day if I can find myself a good casing and PSU..
    i'm looking for a CM 690 II Advanced pero parang CM 690 II Plus lang yung nakita ko sa store the last time nagpunta ako..
  3. j0sefuz

    j0sefuz Member

    my air cooler.. wala sinabi ang coolermaster dito..

  4. haha! :D parang liliparin ung SU sa laki ng Fan !
    eto yata ung cooler dun sa fukushima nuclear power plant ha? hehe'
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  8. Laserion

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    gusto ko din sana bumili ng ganyan pero pang display lang at hindi ko gamitin. kaya lang mahal parin ang presyo...

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