Tetris Batte - Battle/Live mode not working [Solution]

Discussion in 'PFsense M0n0wall IPcop & others PC based routers' started by Edward Fraginal, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. hi!

    after ilang gabi ng pagpupuyat at pag-hunt at pagchek sa mahabang listahan ko ng possible ip address para gumana ung battle mode ng Tetris, I have found a solution na ^^

    sa Lusca > General Settings > Bypass transparent proxy for these destination IPs
    input these following IP addresses:

    paki-try na lang sa mga may problem, reply nlng kung nag work o hindi.
    kung meron pa iabng Fb games n hindi nagana, post nyo d2 try ko din hanapan ng paraan hehehe

    Thank ^^
  2. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    Thanks! i was about to post this solution. great that you already did!

    I notice you posted a lot of IP addresses, are those used by tettris battle alone or did you include other fb games as well?

  3. Welcome sir

    ung mga ip n yan is for tetris battle lang, all game modes tinest ko na kaya ganyan kadami ip address ang nahukay ko.. other fbgames ok naman po.
    anung game p po b may conflict kay Lusca?
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  4. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    I have trouble with shadow fight now. It was working alright for sometime and after a blackout it seems the flash on cache is corrupt. can't play it anymore. how do you find the ip addresses of these?

  5. I'll try to take a look on Shadow Fight tonight.

    im using either fiddler, netstat/currports and proxifier to catch those ip.
  6. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    Clever! Please let me know if you can obtain the ips of shadow fight. thank you.

  7. sure! ^^
    i got some ip na, pero di ko alam kung ano issue meron?
    can you tell me what or how to produce the error you have?

  8. in the mean time could you try these ip for Shadow Fight?

    these are not yet verified by me i haven't tested yet. the 2nd group of ip is from facebook servers.
  9. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    These seemed to work beautifully. thanks.
  10. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    btw, no need to include the last 2 ip addresses.

  11. nice!

    thanks for the feedback.. :)
  12. jimmy garcia

    jimmy garcia Member

    i tried thie pero bkit pag select ko yung sa proxy interface LAN di gumagana yung lusca caching ko...pero pag WAN naman gumagana yung caching di naman nag la live yung tetris...meron b keong screenshot ng config nyo? TIA
  13. Darkanyons

    Darkanyons Member

    I've narrowed it more to this IP :
    Thats all it needs to make shadow fight to work again.
  14. jimmy garcia

    jimmy garcia Member

    @edward sir pano po config ginawa nyo? kasi kapag select ko LAN walang live tetris..pero pag WAN meron live battle..wala namang lusca caching di gumagana..TIA
  15. jawslash

    jawslash Member

    nilagay yung mga ip address na yan sir pero ayaw pa din mag battle... pahingi naman SS ng ginawa mo tnx.
  16. jimmy garcia

    jimmy garcia Member

    eto po settings ng proxy ko..pag selecet proxy interface LAN walang
    battle mode tetris may LUSCA caching.. pag WAN naman meron battle mode kaso walang LUSCA caching

  17. sorry medyo natagalan ako baka makabalik d2 s thread n to..

    thanks for the update sir

    to jawlash, paki-tignan ung screenshot ni sir jimmy garcia (after your post)
    tosir jimmy, i think dapat nasa LAN interface lang xa naka-set..

    i have also noticed n may nabago sa system ni tetris Battle, please try these ip address instead:
    let us know if this is working:)
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  18. incubus14

    incubus14 Member

    working! thanks!!

  19. it works here sir!....salamat po ng marami sa pagshare nyo ng solution dito!..
  20. jimmy garcia

    jimmy garcia Member

    thanks dito working na po ^_^

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