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    Got problem with connecting the famous IM Yahoo Messenger? Maybe its because of your Server/Router or even Firewall?

    Use the HTTP Proxy of Yahoo Messenger:
    To use Proxy Server for Yahoo Messenger

    Step1: Open your Yahoo Messenger > Messenger > Click Connection Preferences.

    Step2: Choose Connect via a Proxy Server> Put a radio mark on HTTP Proxy Server then click ok.

    Step3: Where Can I configure my Proxy Server for HTTP?
    Answer: There are 3 Ways to configure your HTTP Proxy Server.

    1. Is to use Registry Editor

    2. By merging a key from notepad to registry :

    The Code is under:

    The italic Words are the Server, you may change your proxy server to any if you wanted, just change the proxy.virginia.edu to your proxy.servername.com and to change the port change the 8080 to any port you want. Note: This Proxy Server is 100% Working.

    3. Is to set the HTTP proxy via Internet Explorer: Yahoo Messenger Uses IE as its dependent information gateway.

    a. Open your Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options.
    b. Go to Connections tab.
    c. Click LAN Settings > Follow the Image Step Carefully: Click ok, then Exit IE and Yahoo Messenger in Tray Icons.

    Field Answers: Address: http://proxy.virginia.edu/ Port: 8080
    d. Open Yahoo Messenger and try to connect Via HTTP Proxy.

    Then you're done.

    Note: When using HTTP Proxy Server as your connection pref. It may be unreliable to Webcam/VideoCalls, and Calls. Due to request port 80. It is recommeded that you use the Recommended Connection pref.

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    Why wont use Web messengers like EBUDDY ILOVEIM etc...
  3. lordmight

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    like meebo? what if the keyword webmessengers, proxies, web proxies/proxy,even yahoo messenger for web? has been blocked from Router?

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