[T]Simple Network setup In an I-cafe

Discussion in 'Internet cafe business' started by lordmight, Feb 21, 2009.

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    same here. hehe. tignan ko din yan pag may time ako. hehe. dito na future esmi ko. hehe. takas net nanaman ako. hahaha. brb.
  2. josekym

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    You'll need those ports if you want to link that switch via Fiber Optic cable or FO backbone.

    The transceivers cost an arm and leg, but they do perform. ;)
  3. j0sefuz

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    i'v lost a leg 16yrs ago.. pwede ko kaya ibenta ion? hahaha!!!
  4. josekym

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    ^^Pwede! Arm mo nalang kailangan... :D

    Seriously though, hindi niyo talaga magagamit (practically speaking) yung SFP ports niya in a regular LAN setup... ;)

  5. lordmight ano po magandang setup 7pc lng po. yung 1 para sa timer yung 6 para sa mga costumer. thanks

  6. +1 very informative!
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    sir good day;
    pwede paturo panu mag connect ng dalawang local area connection (LAN) through Internet.
    gagamitin ko sa dalawang net cafe (A & B) tapus nasa network A lang ang server (Cafestation) tapus sa network B client(cafe agent) na lahat.
    kahit yung simple lang po. thanks

  8. hello po!lord tanong lang po! pano po ba ma limit ang bandwidth ng bawat naka connect sa internet.. meron po kasi kaming 20units kaso nag aagawan ng connection.
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    Use a router with traffic shaper or use pfsense

  10. Mga Boss newbiez poh.. anyone could teach how to separate the connection for games and connection for web browsing?

  11. pde naba to kung gagawa ka ng internet shop?

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  12. josekym

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    ^^Pwede. Iyan ang pinaka-typical na setup for a small network.

  13. hanggang ngayon nag improve ba pfsense ?

  14. Wow Great seeing a forum with mini encyclopedia. LOL. But anyway thank for this tutorial

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