[T]Pee: The New Alternative Gasoline

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  1. friday13

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    Researchers at the Bristol Robotics Lab have discovered that urine can be used to power a microbial fuel cell (MFC). This kind of fuel cell uses bacterial cultures to break down 'food' to create power. In a press release Dr. Ioannis Ieropoulo, one of the researchers working on this project, explains:

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    Ayos ito... pero ano kaya ang amoy ng usok niyan. :lol:
  2. bulakenyo

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    Ayos to ah, so pag nadevelop to pede lagyan ng mga toilets/urinals ang mga public utility vehicles, like buses, hehehe. free fuel!

  3. try mo para malaman mo
  4. dyoddyowel

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    malamang ikaw pa ang bayaran nila para lang umihi sa bus nila... hehehe...

  5. di kaya mangangamoy ang mga vehicles pag nilagyan yan.
  6. kailrusha

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    Mamahal na ang tao, daming makikidnap, Parang Daybreaker.
  7. bulakenyo

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    Naalala ko yung "human battery" sa matrix, hehehe.

    "The machine drawing power from the human body. An endlessly multiplying, infinitely renewable energy source." - from The Animatrix.

  8. Ominous

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    Gagawing mga mini powerstations ang ever lovable walls, kung saan umiihi ang marami-rami.

    Mawawala ang "Bawal umihi dito". :p

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