[T]How to make bootable USB Hiren's BootCD

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    Download Unetbootin

    Download latest HBCD

    Format your USB Flash Drive to FAT32 using HP USB Format Tool

    Install Unetbootin and launch the application from the shortcut in your programs menu

    Click the "Disk Image" radial option and select "ISO" from the drop-down box. Click the "..." button and select the Hiren's BootCD ISO file from your hard drive.

    Click the "Type" drop-down box and choose "USB Drive" from the options. Click the "Drive" drop-down box and select your USB pen drive's letter from the list. Click "Ok" to create the Hiren's bootable USB.

    source: www.ehow.com/how_6948101_make-hiren_s-bootable-usb.html
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