support of GreenDot ok?

Discussion in 'GreenDot DSL (PT&T)' started by Guest, Oct 13, 2004.

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    ive heard that Greendot dsl support are not that good.
    anyone can comment?
  2. bridge

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    greendots got a bad support
    pero ang speed is ok kasi konti lang ang gumagamit
    pero yun nga pag down, down talga ang you cant call support.
    well just what my friend told me

    i dont know in other places.

  3. their support is good but the techsupport are bad kaya yun labas bad, especially when it comes with billing medyo magulo cla

  4. POOR PT&T

    I subscribe greendot DSL where my location is in Antipolo Hills. , I made the advance payment but the tech support text me that they cannot give me DSL connection since I am using PT&T landline.., They said that the payment I made will refund but it takes a week to refund.. another stupid system..

    This was a stupid telecomunication i found.. If there is another landline that provide on this place, i won't think twice to leave this landline... sooooooooo STU PID. :x :evil:

  5. I subscribe at Greendot Dsl last Nov. 4, 2004 and I made the advance payment too, recieved by Mr. Conrad Firme business manager assigned here at Laguna (Cabuyao),after 1 week of credit investigation, they informed me through Mr. Conrad Firme that my application was denied due to my financial innability according to them. I demanded for Refund since then but until now I have not recieved even a single centavo of my own hard erned money! very stupid system! I hope management of Greendot will look into my case. I have filed a complaint at NTC last week! :evil:

  6. Sa wakas nakuha ko na rin ang refund ko!!! after two months!!!! sana mag bago na ng sistema ang greendot!! inabonohan na lang ata nung kanilang tao yung pera ko dahil sa tagal ng release ng refund!!

    Salamat na rin kahit papaano!!!! :)
  7. bridge

    bridge Member

    :) buti nakuha mo pa.

    greendot is fast sana dahil kunti ang users pero
    their service is bad tlaga.

    if only they can improve their service and lower their cost to
    compete with other dsl providers, then ok sana.
    pero hinde eh, mahal and bad service/support

  8. Technical Support has improved!

    Support has improved. Check out their latest Greendot promos
  9. josekym

    josekym Member

    In Manila maybe... but in the provinces, forget it. =\
  10. raldz

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    Greendot? Forget it.. I use to have Greendot DSL.. after 2 months, their service screwed up.. and the tech support took 1 month to fix the problem.. so I bail out.. hindi ko na kinuha yung advance payment ko, ang importante ay makaalis na ako sa palpak na serbisyo nila.. after 1 month, ang sabi pa sakin may utang pa daw ako?? puny*ta.. may advance pa ako na di ko na kinuha, tapos magkaka utang pa ako??

    (For everybody to know, sa Greendot is pay first before you use..)
    So, in the case na one month ako walang service, ibig sabihin may refund pa dapat akong 1 month diba? dahil one month ang advance ko.. tsk..

    Stupid system..

  11. well said josekym... :lol:

  12. This is the worst ISP i have ever encountered. Idiot techs and unreliable service. I just wasted one year with them.... Nagkautang din ako, isa-sub poena pa nga ako e, ang mga walang hiyang to bulok na nga service and still they want more money! Tapos nung nakabayad na ko, may mga sulat pa ipinapadala na di paraw bayad. Hayup talaga!!! :x :x :x
  13. raldz

    raldz Member

    Mismo! ganyan din ang nangyari sa akin... dapat nga sila pa ang idemanda dahil nagkaroon kami ng losses due to their poor and lousy service...

  14. ganun ba?

    ganun ba? :shock: WOWWW Buti na lang nalaman ko sa inyo thanxxx
    mag iinquire pa naman ako :shock: tyatyaga nalang ako sa Dial up... kesa ma goyo pa ko wag na uy .... :shock:

  15. Maybe that is the reason why Green Dot PT&T accept corporate resellers. Para the resellers can take care of the service glitch ng Green Dot. It is true that green dot is fast but not because kakaunti ang subscribers. It is simply because green dot packages are designed to deliver speed and reliabilty. This means less congestion in the busy hours and more clean and commited bandwidth for the users. Lalo na po ngayon marami ng mga lumang service ports ang bagong palit kaya. If the only problem that we can see sa green dot is their technical support and payment system why not try their corporate resellers. There you can get the same Green Dot connection the only difference is a much reliable Technical support and a much better payment system.

  16. I regret being a latecomer in this forum. I already subscribed to Greendot. Sales Service alone s-u-c-k-s. My i-cafe is yet to be opened until now because of Greendot's late delivery of my dsl modem. It is so difficult to follow up the installation status. When the contact person answer my call, he will always say "mamaya" or "bukas na". My opening is now delayed for one week. And until now, I don't know if I can still do it. So many plans have been messed up because of their inefficiency to deliver their services. Worse, they won't even inform you the real status. They're gonna let you wait for nothing.
    If I could only get back my advanced payment and go to another dsl like bell telecom, I will do so. The problem is it will mean a longer time to open my cafe and lose more opportunities to earn.
    My sincerest advice to those looking for a dsl provider, "Don't go to PT&T Greendot!"

  17. Don't subscribe Greendot! Lost your money!

    Greendot is awful provider. Unfortunately, I had subscribed this XXXXin provider at last December,2006, cause I did not know this forum. I still
    cannot construct the web site in their server. I have called to the support center in many times, but nobody had replied me a responsible answer.

  18. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    hi jellyfish ano po area nila ... for reference po salamat


  19. Cguro ang greendot bilang na ang araw para ma sarado na ang kompanya nila,kahit saan ang greendot bulok talaga from luzon,visayas to mindanao stupid talaga ang greendot....over pricing pa

  20. hmm weird. greendot has been great for me. I've been with them for years. I've gone through destiny cable and home cable. I couldn't get globe and pldt but was able to get greendot. My speeds are consistently fast. Almost always near or at (or even exceeding) my cap. Tech support usually calls back the same day or the next morning. Longest down time was only a few days which only happened once or twice in a year.

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