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Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by nogoodisp, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Hello Everyone, I wish to share my experiences with Destiny Internet.

    I subscribed a couple of years ago. Although I had a couple of minor issues in the beginning, I was able to get a decent connection for over 18 months. average 600kbpsD - 200KbpsU of which I was thankful. Those were the days...

    Now come March 2007, I had numerous issues with Destiny. I have had my bouts of No internet service with the modem simply refusing to grab an IP address (online blinking) :evil:

    I would normally call their CS who gladly log the problem and apologize for the inconvenience. Within a couple of days, a destiny technician would come over, fix the connection and be on his way. Upon inquiry, the technician says that my problem is the Router attached to my system.
    "Yan ang nakakasira o nag break sa connection ninyo"

    Ok, I thought, so I give them the benefit of the doubt and simply hard wire my PC to the modem without the router.

    However, I still have the same problems of my modem just dropping the internet connection. In order to get my internet back on, I have to reboot the modem(power cycle on/off) several times in order to get the darn thing started again.

    Now, I call CS, sasabihin nila logged for maintenance ako pero after a dozen calls, wala naman pumupunta dito. Nagsawa na yata ang mga kolokoy na pumunta sa amin para ayusin.

    "Anak ng Tokwa, every few hours kinakalikot ko ang modem para lang maka connect ng maayos"

    Gusto ko sanang itanong kung ganito rin ang na-experience ninyo sa Destiny o baka naman may duwende sa may modem ko

    Mabilis talaga ang speed (I can do up to 230k speed on azureus) pero kung patay patay modem, medyo nakakainis. :oops: :lol:
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    i dont know how a Destiny modem works, but if the modem acts as a DHCP server, then that might be the problem.. di na makapagprovide ng LAN IP address yung modem. lagi tinotopak. might want to try requesting for a new modem or terminate the service. there's no point to being a subscriber for a crappy service.

  3. crazykalbo,

    I had the modem replaced thinking that it was a modem problem but modem#2 displays the same flaws so its definitely a problem at distribution.

    I have installed a timer switch which resets the modem a few times a day. I will post back if that becomes a solution.

    As soon as I get a decent provider in my area I will move on to greener pastures. :)

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