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Discussion in 'Bandwidth Speed Meter' started by alimokoiii, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. alimokoiii

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    Different Servers




  2. lordmight

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    WOW 3mbps hehe i wonder if that's true
  3. Unwired

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    its a lie!
  4. Symantec

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  5. alimokoiii

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    totoo ito... direct link yan sa speedtest.net hehehe

    using : taipan account 3MB
  6. spyhacker

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    heres mine.....
  7. ralphswurld

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    ang bibilis ng speed nyo
  8. ViRuS_DaW_Me

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    sarap sana kung totoong ganyan speed.. :)
  9. philyoh_akoh

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  10. stanelope

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    huwow sa speed... stable ba?
  11. philyoh_akoh

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    nakow hindi masyado pero oks naman DL nababaliw na ata speedtest eh
  12. alimokoiii

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    regular download without using DL Accelator umaabot hanggang 230kbps at dpnde sa server.. kung server gaya ng micro$oft talagang mabilis.. pero pag may DL accelator.. mabilis talga umaabot hanggang 300-500kbps.

    Dati sa rapidshare umaabot ako ng 1.2MBps download pero ilang sigundo lang then dahandahan bumababa ng 120+kbps
  13. dodi

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    Ang sarap nmn ipang download ng NET nyo while playing online game tsk tsk
  14. fuehrer

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    try mo napier na server ... makikita mo na mabagal ang speed mo

  15. My Internet speed test results are,
    Download Speed: 18.89 Mbps
    Upload Speed:0.795 Mbps.
    I perform this test from ScanMySpeed.com

  16. Speed Test of Smart Bro prepaid at NCR ping result...

    Attached Files:

  17. Speed Test of Smart Bro prepaid at Province ping result...

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  18. it means na mas malakas ba sa province ang smart bro??? Hindi ba dapat mas malapit mas mabilis!

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