[SOLVED] Bat kaya hindi gumana?

Discussion in 'Chat Lounge / Im Bored' started by griv_brown, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. griv_brown

    griv_brown Member

    ano kaya ang problema pag ung na download mong movie ay hindi nag play

    In media player says: Unable to process video please get the correct codec from: http://codec.uploadvid.net

    In VLC says: Unrecognized format for E:\\__________movie.avi

    i download it almost 24 hours...

    unwired ung po ang player ko,
    catapult mas ok pala ung subdivided file keysa sa 1 file

    kong ganun ill download it again using archive files... matagal tagal nga lang super bagal ung koneksyon ko.

  2. zackxxx

    zackxxx Member

    baka fake. hehehehe.... joke. nadownload mo na ba yung codec? ano mga comment dun sa pinagdownloadan mo? anong movie? san ka nagdownload?
  3. griv_brown

    griv_brown Member

    i used utorrent via mininova, only one comment high quality, alies vs predator
  4. Unwired

    Unwired Member

    try mo video lan codec / VLC.?
  5. catapult

    catapult Member

    Mayroon kasi talagang mga movies na available for download via torrent and the like na modified yung header ng file para ituro ka sa isang site (other than Microsoft) where you can get a codec to play the file. Bogus usually yung mga yan.

    Try to pick video that are not subdivided into several archive files so that you can preview the file when enough of the beginning file chunk has been downloaded.
  6. catapult

    catapult Member

    Mas ok yung single file na video kaysa sa subdivided archive ng video. Kapag kasi naka archive, di mo sya mapre-preview.

    Preferred: example.avi

    Not preferred: example.00, example.01, example.rar, etc... :)
  7. zackxxx

    zackxxx Member

    VLC video lan client? tama ba?


    masubukan din. alam ko walang fake sa mininova eh.
  8. griv_brown

    griv_brown Member


    try mo vantage point, fake daw
  9. zackxxx

    zackxxx Member

    anong 10-4?
  10. catapult

    catapult Member

    If you've already downloaded enough of the preview chunks (the start and end of the file which is shown in the progress bar), you have to stop the downloading first before previewing the file inside your utorrent "new downloads" directory. Mage-error kasi yung utorrent if you don't stop the downloading temporarily. Wala kasing preview ang utorrent.
  11. knightblokz

    knightblokz Member

    pag divided kasi madalas may password or i-lead ka sa other sites na bogus or for fee...
  12. catapult

    catapult Member


    Nagra-radio ka ba dati? heheheh
  13. zackxxx

    zackxxx Member

    pag 1 comment huwag ka basta maniwala.

    ok. tingnann ko.
  14. griv_brown

    griv_brown Member

    10-35 tit tit ti da dit...
  15. catapult

    catapult Member

    Hanapin mo sa advanced settings ng utorrent yung bt.prio_first_last_piece. I-highlight mo siya then tick true and apply para yun ang uunahin ng utorrent na i-download.
  16. catapult

    catapult Member

    Nakalimutan ko na yung iba sa 10 codes, eh. hehehe :p

    Ano nga ba uli yung 35?
  17. catapult

    catapult Member

    Wait...naalala ko na hehehehe :D Paki 26 mo na lang yung last message ko. :)
  18. catapult

    catapult Member

    Ang tagal ko na rin kasing di nagra-radio eh... hehehe
  19. griv_brown

    griv_brown Member

    Great tanks...

  20. catapult

    catapult Member

    Copy that, griv_brown. 10-6.

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