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  1. touchfreeze
    Utility for Windows to disable touchpad automatically while you are typing text

    Annoyed when you are typing a document and accidentally the palm of your hand brushes the touchpad, changing the position of the cursor in your document or accidentally clicking on an option. TouchFreeze is simple utility for Windows to solve this problem. It automatically disables touchpad while you are typing text.

    Download latest Windows binaries from downloads section.

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  2. The offline method for downloading and installing Java for a Windows computer

    License: Free

  3. Visual Basic 6
    A simple VB6 function I created to return the number of days excluding weekdays between two dates.
    Public Function CountDaysExceptWeekdays(ByVal startDate As Date, ByVal endDate As Date) As Integer
        While startDate <= endDate
            'Count day if not Sunday (1) and Saturday (7)
            If Weekday(startDate) <> 1 And Weekday(startDate) <> 7 Then
                CountDaysExceptWeekdays = CountDaysExceptWeekdays + 1
            End If
            startDate = DateAdd("d", 1, startDate)
    End Function

  4. Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics 1.2.5

    This Mozilla Firefox extension includes a set of tools for broadband users. It can measure the bandwidth of Internet connections and perform diagnostic tests.
    About this Add-on

    Quick overview:

    1. Bandwidth measurement.

    Open "Tools" menu and click the item "Bandwidth Meter". You can perform upload and download bandwidth measurement. It also shows your public IP address and public domain name.

    2. Broadband troubleshooting.

    When Firefox fails to load a webpage, the extension will automatically check whether Internet conennction is working or not. You can perform further diagnostic tests (ping, traceroute) or check the archived version of the failed webpage. Just try to type a non-existent domain name(e.g., to see this in action ...

    3. Perform diagnostic tests on your PC

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  5. MySQL example on how to INSERT rows from one table to another using an INSERT SELECT query.

    Another example on how to UPDATE rows from one table to another using an UPDATE SELECT query.


  6. [​IMG]

    Click&Clean is a Firefox extension, which helps you to clear your internet history and protect your privacy in 1-click without any prompts. Advanced security features are also included e.g. the ability to run an external application (for example: BleachBit, Computer Janitor, WiseDiscCleaner, ...) which will perform more deep and secure cleaning

    Developer:Vlad & Serge Strukoff

    Link #1 Add to Firefox
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    FREE Advanced online Internet Utilities.
    This site is a collection of Internet utilities developed by Hexillion

  8. Share files between Android and Windows with ES File Explorer
    Sharing files between an Android device and Windows isn't as difficult or as tedious as it once was. Apps, like ES File Explorer, can even share files over Wi-Fi with relative ease. We'll show you how.
    by Ed Rhee


    Read more
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  9. SMS Uragon (BETA) Version 1 is a Short Message Service (SMS) small application for sending & retrieving SMS (Plain text). It's written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and MySQL as its database. It has an Auto Reply feature that can be used for marketing or announcements for your clients.

    Programmer: Thomas Gabriel


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  10. Win32: Malware-Gen is a type of Potential Unwanted Program. It was detected by AVAST Anti-Virus. It can be installed in your computer without your knowledge. One of its manifestations is hiding all your files and folders, and creates a shortcut link [​IMG]with a USB icon when you insert your flash drive. It uses your USB volume drive name as shortcut name. The shortcut link is the only object you can see in your flash drive in normal view. The only way to see the content of your flash drive is by double-clicking the said link. [read more]

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  11. How to Root Lenovo P770 Using Framaroot

    1. Download and install Root Checker Basic. Run to check the user status of your device. [​IMG]

    2. Download and install Framaroot. Run to grant root access on your device.

    Please watch the video below. For better viewing, adjust the video resolution.

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