Discussion in 'Technicians Lab' started by angkul, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. angkul

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    sir, would it be posible to unlock ung unit ng smart bro prepaid (huawei E270) from smart sim to globe sim...e270 po ung gadget naka network lock....gusto ko po sana gamitin ung sim ko sa globe....
  2. arlanne2

    arlanne2 Member

    pede parang cellphone din yan na nakalock sa network...
  3. madzieph71

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    I though ZTE MF 620 ang gamit ng Smart? If it's Huawei check out Kulankendi. I was able to unlock my Huawei e220 Vodafone locked modem from there.
  4. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    E270 ang Smart.. pag na unlock mo try mo sa globe.. kasi sila 3.5G hehehe baka mag ka download speed ka ng 1.7Mbps

    balitaan mo kami.. bibili ako..
  5. madzieph71

    madzieph71 Member

    any update on your unlocking?
  6. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    have you tried re-flashing the firmware???
  7. madzieph71

    madzieph71 Member

    my experience with the e220... reflashing won't remove the sim-lock... the site I mentioned is reliable naman... yun nga lang you need to have a paypal account to be able to buy credit for the unlocking procedure. once paypal payment has been verified unlocking was a breeze... took me less than 1 minute for the procedure (12 seconds if I remember correctly)...

    was having second thoughts at first... I posted an inquiry at another forum (gsmsandwich) whether there are cellphone techs who know how to unlock the unit... but even up to now, I didn't get any reply (been almost 3 months already)
  8. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    dalawa pala version ng smartbro

    may ZTE MF620 at may Huawei.. ano stable?

    tapos may darknight version.. grabe etich,,, hehehehe anyone can tell what DataCard 3G is the darknight?

  9. Do you want to remove sim lock from your Huawei E270 ? If yes, use unlock code to unlock it . you can get it from any of the 3rd party service providers like to unlock it .

    Gusto mo bang alisin ang SIM lock mula sa iyong HUAWEI E270? Kung oo, gamitin unlock code upang i-unlock ito. maaari kang makakuha ng ito mula sa alinman sa mga 3rd party na tagapagbigay ng serbisyo tulad ng upang i-unlock ito.

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