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Discussion in 'Technicians Lab' started by Shadowofthedark, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm planning on setting up my own Wireless network in our home with my Smart Bro connection. I pretty much know how to do, but I still haven't bought a Wireless Router yet. I already bought another LAN Card by the way. I would just like to ask, has anyone done this setup? Do I need to know something or are there anything special that needs to be done?

  2. zonecom

    zonecom Member

    you said you have already a basic idea. so I think may exp. ka na sa lan setup.

    You should however do a little research on smart bro.

    Somebody posted that smart bro recognizes and registers the original hardware's internal lan address of the 1st pc it was connected to. This auto registration is specifically to your account only so that any unit with a different internal hardware's Lan address won't work. You can clone the address though to your router. I'm not an expert since I don't use smartbro. Hanapin mo na lang yun issue ditu sa techie lab section ng forum. I remember reading about it here.
  3. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    that's correct zonecome

    use the method of MAC Cloning on your router.. letting the router copy the MAC of the PC that was use to register.

  4. klyster

    klyster Member

    if you want to, you can connect your smart bro net connection in one if your computer, have another lan card, then connect to your lan hub, then share your internet connection
  5. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    since you want a wireless network, all you need to buy is a wireless router and clone the mac addy of the 1st pc as they suggested... and a wifi card if you want your desktop to connect wirelessly...

    and i am wondering why the need to buy another lan card????????? unless you have a desktop computer without a lan card...

    your smartbro modem connects to your wireless router, then your computer connects to your router so no need for that additional lan card...
  6. philyoh_akoh

    philyoh_akoh Member

    just buy a wireless router so that you will not have any problem on the configuration.
  7. boknoy_kw

    boknoy_kw Member

    baka yung lancard na nabili nya para siguro sa original setup nya, not via wifi kundi via wired through ICS.

  8. Try mo gumamit ng router TP-link, kasi yung friend ko un ang pinagagamit nya sa mga pinag seservicesan nya at tested naman..
  9. philyoh_akoh

    philyoh_akoh Member

    lakas nga daw signal ng TP link mura pa

  10. Smartbro doesnt bind to any MAC addresses

    what do you want to do with the WiFi? ..serve your other PCs or house? Linksys WRT54 with DD-WRT is a really good setup for most SoHO ..consider buying or making a hi-gain omni(at least 9dbi) antenna if the area you want to cover is big
  11. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    it bind to MAC address

    thats why you cannot surf to a different PC or any router with a different MAC other than the PC that was use to registered

  12. either that info is really old or very very new ..i had a smartbro installed last Nov '07 and i was able to switch between my PC and router and then back again.

    The only issues I had was when they turn off the connection, I had to use a browser to get back into the account portal ..thus switch from my router back to the PC's that binding into the MAC address?

    Im not flaming here but i think people need to be more clear on the information they post here ..If im wrong please provide further info so that we can all learn not just throw rhetoric ..tnx
  13. nietzsche88

    nietzsche88 Member

    actually it does but not permanently. as you may have observed, when you use THE PC directly (assuming this is the PC used initially during installation) you get instant internet connection without having to go thru the portal. this happens so because your MAC is already registered with the AP. now when you go thru your router and without cloning the MAC address of THE PC, you will be redirected to the portal first before you can browse. this is because smart sees a new device/PC with a different MAC address. in theory if theres a new device/PC that connects to the AP with a MAC address but not paired to an account yet, it will supposedly be redirected to the portal.

    what youre saying can work though - just by simply connecting the canopy to any device and log-in to the portal with your account. but there have been some subscribers here who complained about that. they have a problem of not having any connection at all - not even being redirected to the portal at some cases so thats why its commonly suggested here to clone the MAC address of the PC used during installation to your router.

  14. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    its old and still current..

    as per your quote
    like nietzhce explanation

    that the reason your being redirect to the portal otherwise you will not be redirected to a PORTAL if you uses DIFFERENT PC.. now i have two PC.. i tried the other will not work.. have you tried different PC as well?

    the ACL works this way

    the IP address being assigned to you is base on your MAC address.. try to see if the router and PC will have different or same IP address

    in short, if you have been designated with different IP this is becoz you have different MAC address

    , so when you send out packets either thru ARP or normal sending of TCP .. the capture portal will detect this if its allowed or not

    i think it work both ways.. not only on our side but also on your side.. so are you careful in giving out information as well?

    when you say


  15. nietzsche88 - thanks for the explanation ..that makes sense

    duhwho - like i said im not flaming initial post was in response to someone posting that that it binds to the MAC address without any further explanation ..i think thats borderline FUD ..many people that read these posts are not technical ..for my experience I was able to switch back and forth between the router and PC without having to go thru the portal ..the only time i had to re-enable the account was when Smart shut off the account due to late fees ..granted that their ACL may have added both MAC for the the two devices without my knowledge or possibly caching the address to me this will look as if there's no MAC based ACLs

    anyhow ..the issue is resolved as far as im concerned since i dont use smartbro anymore ..thanks again for the clarification
  16. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    you responded without explanation... and i don't get the idea of borderline FUD hmmm

    bare in mind that the topic is an old issue that was discussed long before.. that if one is kind enough to search would be able to get the idea.. now shortening its not baseless is just not re telling the story.. good thing nieztch is kinda enough to re told the story...

    well for now, case close

  17. I think my previous post was pretty concise enough explaining my experience with smartbro and where i drew my conclusions from sorry if it did not make sense to you

    if you dont know what FUD is you can read about it here

    part of being a good moderator is taking the time to help your forum subscribers even if they are asking asinine questions thats been covered over and over before (at least provide a link to the previous forum topic) ..specially to those who dont frequent this forum again ..thanks Nietzche88 for the info

    this has gone out of topic already ..if you have any other concerns ..just pm me ..thanks
  18. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    it really did not make sense, ...

    for you its ok to make statement base on your experience, while for us is not?

    Which we also had experience not only of ours but with others as well?

    in short your is not FUD or borderline FUD while mine is an FUD?

    its like your experience is more credible than others?

    your sure not flaming?

    yes we do, but we do not make a FLAMING STATEMENTS towards others, if someone did not understand they ask again, and in return will answer back..

    and not telling others your is unclear mine is clear attitude....

    and i do not mind this goes out of topic, and basically this is one common issue we encounter here, flaming statements or any statement that directly prejudicial, insinuation (etc..) to others...

    all are free to post as long as everyone respect other's post...without making any comments or attacks..

    you can add up to the idea but not to add flames

  19. if you read my previous post, I explained my experience on how I was able to move back between two devices (a PC and an ALIX router using pfSense) without having to go thru a portal ..obviously when Smartbro installers came over they used the PC to configure the radio (change sectors, check jitter, etc. etc.) after confirming I was able to connect to the web ..I reconnected the RJ45 from the radio to my ALIX router and just enabled DCHP canopy IP did not change even when i moved from the PC to the router ..I did not clone my PC's MAC It just worked ..I understand how some ISP will bind your MAC to control access ...this is nothing new ..I've seen this back in the mid 90's with cable modem providers to me, being able to move from one device to another indicates, at least on the surface that there's no MAC based ACLs of some sort ..thats where I derived my conclusion from ..of course I'm not a Smartbro tech or even claim that I know every aspect of the Canopy system ..but i wasnt pulling my conclusions out of thin air aswell ..I hope that gives you an idea why i posted what i posted before

    never claimed any of this sort fact I repeatedly thanked Nietzche for clearing up and posting concise information on how the system worked

    why not? have a Smartbro avatar ..dont you think casual subscribers will not associate you with someone who knows the system or even part of the smartbro technical crew? by just saying "no it doesnt work that way" without having to detail the reasons why is basically FUD my case total experience with smartbro was completely opposite from what you are saying who am i going to believe? personal direct experience or someone in a forum telling me otherwise without any further evidence to why they are correct

    my personal experience is more credible to "me" than other's comment - unless otherwise proven wrong ..I never insinuated that I am correct ..people have to decide that for themselves

    i dont remember personally attacking anyone here..

    do you feel that you dont have a part in this? i think Nietzche post was sufficient enough to cover the topic ..but for whatever reason've directed your post to me ..what was the reason for that? ..If this is a "technical" thread ..then wouldnt it make more sense to address the audience as a whole when you are answering a question or topic, unless someone specifically asked "you" for a comment or answer ..thats the whole idea behind BB code quotes...

    kung meron man nasagasaan ..It wasnt my intention and I apologize :D
  20. duhwho

    duhwho staff Staff Member

    BEFORE nieztche answered.. you already make a statement that is not constructive

    here is the account of event

    Feb 6: you posted:
    this is a clear indication that you making a statements without further explanation.. its a plain simple DECLARATIVE SENTENCE no other statement issue to support your first statement...

    my response to the same date that you posted

    I add another sentence, of why its binding?, isn't that a clear supporting statements?


    you make only 1 statement on feb 6... pure declarative statement.. while I make a 2 statement one is the main idea the second one is the supporting idea

    but what is your response on feb 7?

    then thats the ONLY time you add your supporting idea..

    not only that you added another comment

    which one is clear yours or mine?
    feb 6 i said that the reason why you cannot browse or surf on a different PC with different MAC..

    while you only supported your FEB 6 statement on FEB7 by saying... that you are able to switch router and PC with no issue..

    now in logic

    I made supporting Idea first in broader sense before elaborating.. if its needed.. because anybody can try to use different PC to see if its work or not.. it only goes technical if one look for answer.. why its not working?...

    now you make a statement without first supporting it by your own experience .. a bit delay by a day.. and then make a comment.. where in fact your supporting idea is still not too technical.. a plain simple idea which contradict most subscriber experience specially that on uses the smart bro for their Networking like SME/Office and making a comment on others who has different experience...

    the very point of argument here..

    do not make flaming comment .. if you want answer.. ask more.. you never ask.. you start flaming..

    this is not a personal grudge so nothing to worries.. its my way to let the readers know if they are flaming or not...since this kind of event has been the common issue here..
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