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    Problems in RP-Taiwan fiber optic links cause Net outages

    By Erwin Oliva
    Last updated 01:25am (Mla time) 08/24/2007

    MAKATI CITY, Philippines -- A cable fault in a major fiber optic cable connecting the Philippines and Taiwan has caused Internet outages in the Philippines, Asia Netcom told its customers in the Philippines.

    The letter by Asia Netcom Chief Operating Officer Mark Simpson, a copy of which was obtained by, said that a "cable fault on segment 2B1" of the EAC ring happened at 12:23 am, GMT on August 21, 2007.

    "Due to ongoing restoration work on Segment 2A1, the latest event on 2B1 has impaired both sides of the EAC ring. The cause of this latest incident is still under investigation and information follows on both the repair plan for this incident and an update on all cable repairs. This letter is an update specifically for Asia Netcom's customers who have capacity/layer 1 circuits on our network which have been impacted by this incident," the letter read.

    Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. who was among Asia Netcom's customers in the Philippines, said that it has been able to "normalize" its network, as it re-routed data traffic to other networks as Wednesday night.

    An executive from another major telecommunications company, which is connected to the EAC cable network, said it was not affected by the recent cable fault since it is using "diverse cable systems."

    Asia Netcom said 85 percent of the traffic impacted by the recent cable fault has been restored on alternative paths, mainly utilizing the C2C system, another major fiber optical cable network.

    Some local Internet service providers in the country also reported outages to their respective customers this week.

    "Since the 2B1 incident, more then 100 gigabytes of customer traffic have been restored and we will continue to work around the clock to ensure the remaining impacted traffic is restored on alternative routes as soon as possible. We apologize that, due to utilization of alternative paths in this restoration process, some customers may experience longer latency until traffic can be normalized on completion of repairs," Asia Netcom's letter read.

    Asia Netcom said it has dispatched a ship to repair the 2B1 segment of the EAC cable system.

    "The cable ship is expected to be on location and commence the repair by Saturday, 25 August, assuming we receive marine permits from the Taiwan government to enable work to begin," the letter said. "A realistic repair time frame will be 7 to 10 days once work has commenced weather and unforeseen complications allowing. The 2B1 fault has been identified as being off the coast of Taiwan in deep water. As yet no specific cause has been identified and we will need to await survey and recovery of the damaged cable before further diagnosis. In parallel, we are negotiating for a second vessel to attend the 2A1 repair off the Malaysian coast -- availability is yet to be confirmed," the letter added.

    Internet service provider (ISP) Bitstop also reported on its

    The local ISP also said that its I-Gate and Internet service was crippled.

    "Roughly 3xSTM16 in capacity are out of service. We'll provide further details as soon as they become available. ANC, as the cable administrator of EAC, has not been providing updates as they are expectes," Bitstop said.

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    so Asianetcom nga nag ka problema... hehehehe

    as i posted earlier
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    ndi pa rin ba tapos yan? dba dati pa yan?
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    iba ito.. nag ka problema nga yung cable nang EAC.. na administer nang Asianetcom
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    Oo, hindi mo po ba nakita yung date? :?
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    ang alin?
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    ng ano?
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