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  1. mga sir bago lang po ako dito, sa kakahanap ko ng cable provider malapit sa place namin bukod sa sky cable (kasi mahal) dito ako napadpad, sana masagot na ang mga tanong ko.

    Ano pa po ang iba pang cable tv provider bukod sa sky cable (kasi mahal) sa antipolo city sa evergreen village ako malapit sa ynares center. Kasi matagal na kaming naghahanap, yung skyline ba antipolo din? sa may nakaka alam po diyan paki bigay po ng info or contact no.s salamat po!
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    Cable lang inavail ko sa kanila, medyo hesistant pa kasi ako sa Chettah broadband nila.

  3. sir, abot ba sa antipolo ang skyline? ano ba contact number nila wala akong makita sa net.thanks
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    kung mahilig kang magdownload at hindi sapat sayo ang mababang speed, hindi nga magiging akma ang magkapabit ng cheetah.

    pero para sa mga lugar na walang DSL, smartbro... ito ang pinaka-stable. 3 years akong subscriber nito, and walang palya, except, kung may bagyo talaga, or sila mismo ang down. pero sobrang dalang ng issue.

    isa pa, totoo sila sa kanilang package. what you see is what you get.

  5. Dir. Joselito Leynes
    National Telecommunications Commission
    Region IV

    Re; Incident Report - fooling clients for profit

    Dear Sir Leynes,

    This is to seek the advice and action of the National Telecommunications Commission on apparent unethical actions of several staff of Skyline CATV Industries Inc. in Rizal, particularly Morong and Binangonan, Rizal.

    I was able to complete application for cable TV connection from Skyline CATV on December 26 upon their advice that I have to pay for the required two months advance for cable TV subscription so that it could be installed within the week, either Friday (Dec. 27) or Saturday (Dec. 28).

    Later that day, the collector for Cardona, Rizal - ROGER ORCA - texted me saying that he is currently talking to their "boss" and "manager" -- JEN TUPAZ --who said that I could apply for a package including internet connection. I have told the collector several times already that I will stick to my original plan of subscribing for cable TV only because he said subscribing for package with internet connection will cause further delay.

    With his text message, I texted back a clarification that if including an internet in the package will cause delay, I will stick to my original application of cable TV only. But if his boss is promising that I will be scheduled for installation that same week (Dec. 28), then I will adjust for my application and pay the required additional P1,140.

    He said that Ms. Jen Tupaz of Morong, Rizal said that yes, it will be installed on Dec. 28. Hence, I agreed to pay the additional P1,140 to include the internet connection in my package.

    When the installation did not occur on the morning and afternoon of December 28, I called Binangonan branch and was advised that my installation was scheduled for January 2. I told the staff there -- AIVE PALCE -- to immediately coordinate that there has been commitment from their so called "manager" and collector who convinced me to pay additional fees for internet and assured me that there will be no delays in the installation. Ms. Palce assured me that she will coordinate with Morong, Rizal branch and that she will immediately provide feedback.

    I also called the collector, Mr. Orca, who also assured me that he will immediately coordinate with Morong, Rizal Skyline CATV and that he will immediately provide feedback.

    Since none of them were providing feedback, I called the Morong, Rizal branch and was apparently not yet informed of my case. She only decided to call the Technical Team when I asked if Skyline Morong is really in the habit of making false assurance and commitment to clients just so that they could get additional payment with apparent disregard whether the company's commitment to clients, made through them, were actually delivered or not. She said she will call the technician and that will arrange for installation for my house on Sunday (Dec. 29).
    She promised to immediately provide feedback.

    I then again called Skyline, Morong, Rizal and asked for update. The staff's response was "there might be" installation at my place tomorrow. Irritated and abused by lack of commitment of Skyline CATV to make amends and immediately act on their own lapses,I asked who is responsible for the management of processes and the commitment made by their staff. She said JEN TUPAS. I requested to talk to her.

    She admitted making the commitment despite her knowledge that the commitment she made may not be delivered since there are a number of installation scheduled for the week. She also admitted that my payment for the internet was not immediately remitted for a reason she said she do not know. She also admitted that job order for the installation of the cable tv and internet at my house, despite her commitment, was delayed. She then committed to call the technical team and assured me that it will be installed between 8:00 - 11:00 and of December 29; but that only the cable TV will be installed since the technician for the internet is already on leave. She also promised to closely monitor whether Skyline's commitment to install on Dec. 29 is being delivered.

    I adjusted to the capacity of the Skyline team, forgave them for their lapses and unethical conduct to clients, and thanked them expecting that the commitment of Skyline CATV Industries, although much lower than expected, will finally be delivered.

    A staff from Binangonan Rizal even texted me that night that there will be installation at my house on December 29. I thanked the texter too.

    But I was wrong. No installation occurred. I texted the staff from Binangonan and the collector at 11:30 AM to immediately advice their team and management about the non-installation and another lapse to their commitment. But there was no response. I was able to call ROGER the collector who said he will immediately coordinate the matter. But still, no installation occurred and the collector could not be contacted after that.

    Unethical conduct by staff of the branches of Skyline CATV Industries by making false promises and false claims on actions to clients reflects a very high level of non-professionalism by Skyline and apparent ABUSE of their standing as the biggest CATV provider in Rizal.

    May I seek your advice on actions that I should take to fight abuse of private service providers on clients/consumers and apparent lack of truthfulness and remorse of staff for non-delivery of commitment?

    Thank you very much and more power.

    Very truly yours,

    Roja Estrelita C. Salvador
    Contact Nos. 09088221689
    Address: No. 026 Liwanag Street, Barangay Iglesia, Cardona, Rizal
    Employer: Social Watch Philippines
    Address: Room 140 Alumni Center, University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC
    Contact No. of Employer: 02 436 6054

  6. Up ko lang to kamusta na service nitong Cheetah? Any feedback?

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