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  1. Hi there. I am paying P2,700 a month for 3 slots with destiny. We have a cable modem and it is connected to a hub.

    I want to cut down our bills and just pay for ONE internet connection slot per month, but i want to share it with our 3 computers. Is it possible to do this? Do I need to buy a router?

    Your response will be highly appreciated. thank you so much!
  2. jonzyx

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    yes all you have to do is buy a router then you can share your internet,
    isang bahay lang ba ito or baka masyado malayo ang pagitan ng isang
    computer give us a complete details kung laptop ba or desktop para mas
    mabigyan ka ng magandang options

  3. thanks very much for the quick reply!

    I have 3 desktop computers at home. All are currently connected to one hub, which is connected to the mydestiny cable modem.

    I also have one laptop with wifi access.

    Is it possible to just pay P999 for one slot, (but using a router) share internet with all pcs?

    Thanks again!
  4. jonzyx

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    yes, you can buy a wireless router para magamit mo ang wifi ng laptop mo and para isa na lang ang monthly mo

  5. oh ok.. thanks so much! ill try it out.
  6. genexide

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    i have this problem sa destiny way back in 2004.. di ko ma ishare ang destiny through any router.. tried dlink and linksys.. unfortunately, di tlga..

  7. ah really? does anyone else have experience with this?
  8. genexide

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    i dont know if now ma isahre na.. baka lang kasi lack of networking knowledge lang kaya di ko ma ishare.. wala kasi tlga ako alam pag dating sa mga computers eh.. ;)

  9. Destiny Cable can be shared using a Broadband Router. I used the reliable Linksys WRT54G to share it wirelessly to 3 Laptops,One Desktop and 1 IP Phone. Destiny serves as my backup connection with Smart Bro as Primary.

  10. motorolla surf modems are dhcp capable. you just need a hub. if you need wifi, you need a wifi router (as if you needed to know :)

  11. you can't share in 2004? before they issued a mac filter to you specific desktop so that you couldn't share the internet. That's why the copy MAC ID function of any router was so useful

  12. I think I have this problem right now. Here is my story:

    Using my WRT54G2 with my internet connection, I simply cannot get it to work properly or flawlessly.

    This is my current set-up: Cable Modem --- wired to ---> WRT54G2 --- wired to --> PC1 but wireless to laptop and PC2.

    Network gaming is fine with the two (2) desktops but sharing internet is not working at all. I may have to power on and off about 5x to 10x and manually release and renew my dns entries/dhcps and even go to dos prompt (via cmd) to do ipconfig /release and /renew before I can even get it to work. I do this everytime I need to connect to the internet. As in everyday!!! Worse, sometimes it simply doesn't work. And when I say it doesn't, even PC1 cannot connect or does not have any internet connection.

    The only solution to this right now just to be able to use the internet is simply disconnect the router and connect PC1 directly to my cable mode. With this, it simply has NO friggin' problem at all.

    To make matters worse, these are the solutions (if you can even call it a solution) offered by Destiny CSRs and their tech support:

    1. "Sir, we do not support wi-fi routers".
    2. "Sir, kahit anong ISP, walang ng su-support ng wi-fi router".
    3. "Sir, i-mo-monitor namin yung connection niyo"
    4. "Sir, sira ata wi-fi router niyo"

    This is one of their interesting reasons or alibi:

    5. "Sir, problem ng Destiny talaga ang dhcp servers namin ngayon. This was a problem last year. It was resolved but now its back but we will do something about it".

    Sad part, when I mentioned no. 5 to other CSR's, this is what they told me:

    6. "Sir, sino yung CSR na nakausap niyo? Dapat kasi hindi sinasabi yang problem na yan. Internal lang ho yan at dapat hindi sinasabi ng CSR sa subscriber"

    Spoke to another CSR to get a second and third opinion, and this was their explanation to me:

    7. "Sir, hindi tutuo ho yan" "walang problem ang dhcp servers namin" and then they go back by giving me reason numbers 1 to 4 above.


    I. Can anyone help me set-up properly my wireless connection?
    II. Anyone whose on Destiny right now who has no problems with using a wi-fi router?
    II. When I do get lucky and get to use my internet with the wi-fi router connected, after using it a few hours, internet connection stops and I have to do all over again the manual dhcp release and renew and the ipconfig release and renew all over again.

    Changing ISP is out of the question right now as I have been to Bayan, PLDT and others but, interestingly, I get the best speed pa rin with Destiny at the 999/month category.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. I'm currently sharing 2 desktops 2 laptops and ps3 with Linksys WRT54G router. The only problem is that the connection now adays is kind of slow. Just weeks ago it was really fast.

  14. mydestiny

    i really dont know where to address my soo pissed right now. i transferred house kasi but before doing that i called mydestiny as to how to go about the transfer. the person i talked to asked where daw ako lilipat and they checked kung may available slot. a certain lea liaban was referred to me na i-fax ko daw ang letter ko sa kanya regarding the transfer. na fax ko na and then may nagtx sa kin na na-advise na daw ang ms lea regarding the fax. now after 2 weeks of waiting pag tawag ko dun sa lea wala daw shang narrcv and wala daw letter to make matters worse siguro dahil irate na ko wala din daw available slot. to make things worse hindi man lang accommodating etong babaeng ito. nakakapikon. san kaya napunta yung fax ko, not even an iota of apology kahit sa tono man lang ng pagsasalita nya. i even asked if i can talk to a higher up. sha na daw yon. dapat hindi ganun tao ang nilalagay nila sa customer service nila! badtrip sobra. ni hindi ko alam kung san ko pwede sabihin ang naging experience ko. ni wala man lang mag-reprimand sa taong yon. tama daw ang number nung nagtx sa kin pero nawawala ang letter ko. she put me on hold for 15 mins only kaya ako nag-irate na. when i called back inulit na naman nya ang mga tanong nya as if hindi kami nagka-usap. :evil:

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