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  1. Hi. I have a CCTV that I want to view even if I'm not at home. I was able to log in using my public IP address, but the problem is that my IP address changes every time I restart my laptop or my modem/router. I assume that the problem here is not having a permanent IP address to use. Can anyone help me setup a static IP address? I have a bayanDSL PPPoE connection, modem, Linksys WRT160N router, and a MacBook. I tried following this: but failed. How do I do this?
  2. Deeza

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    the link above explains how the ip address works (dynamic/static)

    .you should talk to your ISP and ask for a permanent IP (static).

    iyan ang problema sa dynamic address sa CCTV
  3. madzieph71

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    Get a dyndns ( or noip ( account... that way you won't have to worry with dynamic dns changes.
  4. Mikos

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    Residential accounts with BayanDSL always have or are given Dynamic Internet IP addresses.

    If the Topic Opener wants a static IP instead of getting a free dynamic DNS account available on the web, then s/he will have to upgrade his/her account to a business account.

  5. hope you still getting a Public IP, sakin kc.. wala ng public IP, kaya malamang d na ako makapag port forward..

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