Setting up my internet connection again after reformatting?

Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by wazel45, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I recently had a tech come by the house and setup my bayantel internet connection to start my 768 kbps plan (899)... So far so good, but I just wanted to know the instructions on how to re-setup my PPPoE internet connection if ever I were to do a full reformat on my computer? ;

    With the desktop 'bayan dsl' icon/ link to network connections and all that, just like what the tech applied? Im not very techy so...if somebody could help me out on this.
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    you have to know your login/password for starters
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    just follow the link given by josekym...

    no need to access the modem, leave it as is... unless you want to access its advance configuration like router mode, port forwarding, etc...

  5. Ah ok so its the same as my former DHCP connection with pldt - i didnt have to do anything; just the drivers.
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    It is not the same.

    You do not need to install any drivers for the modem of BayanDSL. Rather, you need to set up the NATIVE PPPOE dialer of your operating system. Windows XP and up all have native PPPoE dialers.

    The only thing you need to install if ever will be the driver of you ethernet card for your Operating System (also known as the NIC or Network Interface Card). But the modem itself is plug and play since it connects to the ethernet port of your PC. For you to be able to connect though to the internet, you need to configure or set up your PPPoE dialer (which is native to your Operating System), just follow the links provided by the others who replied to your post.

    PLDT uses DHCP, which means the authentication is via the mac addresses of their modems or through the DSL ports itself assigned to the subscriber, thus no need to set up anything. BayanDSL uses PPPoE hence you need to set up the PPPoE dialer of your PC (or OS) so you can connect to the internet. That is the basic difference.

  7. Yes the NIC driver is what i meant. Thanks for pointing that out though.

    Mikos, ive seen that you're a regular over at the Bayantel forums. i seem to have problems registering on there. is there anything happening? ive been trying for a while now.

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