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Discussion in 'P2P Torrents' started by reyhan12, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I've been using a seedbox for quite some time now. A month ago, downloading from the FTP server of my seedbox came down to a crawl (10kb/sec DL speeds). I knew it was not my ISP because everything else was fine. It was just downloading from the seedbox that was really slow. So I went to the online, googled it and found out that OVH (pretty much the supplier of nearly all the seedboxes resellers out there) had a congested route to TATA communications. Unfortunately, PLDT DSL uses the TATA routing to reach the OVH servers. I was wondering if anyone else with another ISP is experiencing this problem? I've tried several seedbox resellers hoping to get lucky. So far, I've tried Xirvik, feralhosting and ultraseeds, all of which suffer the slowdown. I've heard of a new hosting company called leaseweb but I don't know any seedbox resellers that use leaseweb. If you are a PLDT DSL subscriber and you do not experience this problem with your seedbox, can you tell me which reseller you are subscribed to?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. warfab

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    reyhan12, how much are you paying for your current seedbox?

    I haven't tried seedboxes since I use nzb downloading na.

    The time it takes for scene releases to be available on private torrent sites like torrentleech, torrentbyes, revolutiontt and black-cats is just a few minutes ahead of scene releases being propagated to nntp servers.

    I pay $11/monthfor astraweb usenet server for unlimited downloading with ssl.

  3. I pay $13 for the seedbox. I'm not too familiar with usenet. Is it convenient? Easy to find the files you want? I'll do some research. The $10 plan has a 1mbps download cap?
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    @TS: hindi kaya maganda mag-inquire ka rin sa seedbox mo? baka sa side nila. I use a seedbox too, and everything's fine. Though Smartbro ako.
  5. warfab

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    reyhan12, this will get you started on what usenet downloading is about ->

    It's convenient since unlike seedboxes wherein one has to wait till the torrent is finished downloading before one can harvest the downloads using ftp, you can already get the files directly from the nntp server you're subscribed to.

    Another convenience is that you're not left hanging once a torrent is left dead with no seeders or when the global finished ratio is less than 1.

    Try finding the releases you want using usenet search engines like or or if you want to keep tabs on what's been released, go to FST -> . You can also use newsleechers (v3.9 final)'s builtin search engine but the results are capped to less than 300 days whereas binsearch and newzleech have max retention of more than 600 days.

    There are some free nntp servers but some are capped speedwise and the username and password changes everday.

    For the $11/month (promo price) that I got from astraweb, I already have unlimited downloading with free ssl. SSL is more or less important if you're dealing with Globe Tattoo, SmartBro and other similar 3G internet services...

    As one member of a private nzb indexing site commented several years ago, "Why did I ever bother with seedboxes when usenet is more convenient and cheaper". ;D

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