san po kau ng test ng speed ng net?

Discussion in 'Internet cafe business' started by kyndelle, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. kyndelle

    kyndelle Member

    san po kau ng test ng speed ng net? alam ko lng po kaci at meron pa ba iba? tnx
  2. Deeza

    Deeza staff Staff Member

    marami.. i.e , etch etch.. mag google ka ng pang test marami po dyan .

    ^^the best way to test your internet speed is mag download ka torrent file, utorrent / IDM. kuhanan mo screenshot at ipost mo dito. malalaman natin ang actual speed mo sa internet.
  3. jaworemoj

    jaworemoj Member then choose 1mb
  4. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    clarification, dapat SABAY

    2 or more well seeded torrents plus any decent download manager downloading 2 or more files (with full acceleration functions on). PAra sure, pwede mo dagdagan ng youtube

    thats the only way to be sure. and other sites can be wrong sometimes
  5. Icarro

    Icarro Member pero yung mas pinagbabatayan ko yung actual download with accelerator
  6. jaworemoj

    jaworemoj Member

    sana nagbabasa tayo mabuti..
  7. athenaxds

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  8. Symantec

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