saan po bago office nyo ngayun ?

Discussion in 'Mozcom DSL' started by sa-joedy, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. josekym

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    ^^Hi, Sir Jeffrey!

    Sorry, ngayon ko lang napansin ito...

    Hec is still with Mozcom, although "physical" Baguio offices are no more (SM and Piao-Yan Boni), he is still Baguio-based. Ms. Beta passed away too, sad to say... Si Jen naman, is in Mozcom Manila na. I can give you Hector's contact number if you want... ;)
  2. Deeza

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    old post na to ah...
    closed na rin ang Ultracom Baguio, pero mga branches nila still standing (Abra,Vigan,Laoag) according to sir joedy.

    I know Jen, yung muse ng Mozcom. :)

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