Saan makabile ng high pass filter

Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by Billy168, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Nagpakabit ako ng Destiny cable internet last month. Sinubukan kong kabitan ng splitter para may cable TV din ako na libre! hehe! May napapanoud naman ako kaya lang may interference. Sabi sa internet kailangan daw lagyan ng high pass filter para mawala ang interference kaya lang hindi ko alam kung saan nakakabile dito sa Pinas, ayoko naman umorder pa sa abroad. Please help kung may alam kayong nagbebenta, tnx!
  2. duhwho

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    yup you need the high pass filter so you could view and surf with no issues

    try mo sa mga hardware like SM or ACE hardware dun sa cable section kung meron silang high pass filter

  3. nietzsche88

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    dumb question:

    w/c has higher frequencies, the cable video signals or the data (internet)?hehe
  4. dyoddyowel

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    were you really asking or implying something? hehehe
  5. nietzsche88

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    i was serious about the qestion. alam ko lang kasi yung sa DSL..hehe

    voice band < 5kHz ata and the rest would be used for DSL na diba. so sa cable systems naman panu? yung HPF would be connected where?
  6. primus

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    the data signal has the highest frequencies, always remember that data signal requires more frequency than that of voice/video etc..etc..
  7. nietzsche88

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    if thats the case, he needs the "low frequency" video signals to pass thru his tv set? kelangan nya ata ng LPF that cuts out frequencies above 1 or 2 Ghz..hehe kasi yung channel 125 in HRC is 798.04MHz (IRC equivalent is 799.26Mhz). :roll:

  8. Thanks for all your reply! I have tried sa mga SM or Ace and even sa Raon pero wala sila at hindi nila alam yon sinasabi ko. With regard sa frequencies, mas mataas frequency ng cable tv kaysa cable internet thats why kailangan ang high pass filter. You can check out this link:
  9. nietzsche88

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    i see mababang frequency ang gamit for data? this seems odd.. nwe try mo gawa ka na lang sarili mong filter.hehe try mo masaya yan.hehe

    a simple HPF consists only of a capacitor in series with your load (in this case the impedance of the coax - usually 50 or 75 ohms)

    assuming yung gusto mong cut off frequency is 50MHz kasi yung channel 2 ng cable is 54MHz.

    cutoff freq = 1 / (2*pi*R*C)

    so you can solve for the value of the capacitor you'll use.hehe tanong ka sa Raon nung mga actual values nyan and remember you can connect the capacitors in parallel to add up the total capacitance.hehe hope yung iba dito can shed more light to you on this

    on second thought, a bandwidth of ~50Mhz (frequency range from a few kHz to 50MHz or so) assuming this is utilized for data tranmission, is perfectly reasonable.hehe so no doubt its the case for cable systems

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