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Discussion in 'Utilities and Appz' started by JnDGreat, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Hi to all pde po ba parequest mp3 downloader application full version
  2. friday13

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    use frostwire its FREE

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    san po mkukuha un?
  4. friday13

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    ty.. nu yan prang limewire
  6. friday13

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    Re: Reply

    Exactly :D
  7. greekolo

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    and next time.. use google. :wink:
  8. ivan02891

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    tama google is the best

  9. for me...MP3rocket...
  10. prokorpz

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  11. pare hindi kasi pwede mag post d2 ng links or websites na pwede mong puntahan PM mo na lang ako para bgyan kta ng site na maraming program na libre. and ung iba naka crack na so pede mo syang gamitin kasi hindi na need ng license. but for me FROSTWIRE is a good mp3 downloader
  12. j0sefuz

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    if you want to dload a good quality mp3s, why not use torrent? people comments on the files and if it's bad, good or if it has the best quality..

    kung gagamit ka kasi ng limewire/frostwire, may mga search results na kpangalan lng ng search mo pero iba nman ang content ng file.. (limewire users know what i'm talking about)

  13. meron po ako cracked na mp3 downloader kaso sabi sa forum bawal daw ang cracked na software, yata.... tsk tsk sayang naman.
  14. donetus

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    why use crack when you can use a freeware (as mentioned, frostwire)?

  15. Di ko pa po nagamit yan eh parang limewire ata yan, minsan kasi sa limewire may mga virus na naka attach eh.
  16. jaworemoj

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    my teknik po kasi para hindi ka maVirusan galing sa Limewire..IMO

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