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Discussion in 'Suggestions / Problems / Bugs' started by dyoddyowel, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    ^ haha reminds me of Chile's kleptomaniac president :D
  2. jin xien yu

    jin xien yu Member

    why ?
  3. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    haven't you heard the news about the Chile's President?
    You've mentioned what Obama did say. :)
  4. jin xien yu

    jin xien yu Member

    aahh . . the one who stole a ballpen infront of many people ??
  5. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    ^yea look at his face when he did it.
  6. jin xien yu

    jin xien yu Member

    he looks very happy with the pen . . i wonder what its brand . . :)

  7. Oh, sorry for the late reply. I completely forgot about this forum. I only remembered it when I checked my email just now.

    Honestly, I don't really care at all. My only concern was that the thread he deleted contained a lot of good information about ISP routing and that it was a good topic which should have been discussed with PLDT directly. Anyway, it doesn't matter now. I was able to find Mr. tsenseless with his dedicated game servers on Steam.

    And yes, I would have PM'd duhwho if I knew how. I didn't even know you can PM other users on this forum. Heck, I tried looking for the PM function on your profile just now and I still can't find the damn button.

    No hard feelings. Peace out! :)

  8. I joined here like what? 2008? and haven't been active since there was nothing important that interests me until that topic about PLDT routing came up and is not gone. So did I join this forum to satisfy my own ego?
    Act my age, be mature, and don't be a cry baby. Hmmm... I don't see the relevance to what I posted. Was it immature of me to bring up a concern? Maybe that's why the Philippines is stuck with "ok lang" internet services.
  9. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    All you can do is, walk straight to their office have a little chat with pangilinan, and bust his ass out. :)
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  10. eto na wag nyo baban ip ko dahil nag rereklamo ako
    nakakawalang gana tong connection nyo promise ang mahal mahal ng bayad ko tapus laging nagdidisconnect anu ba to paayos naman o nakakapikon kasi e
  11. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    what the heck are you talking about? pinoy DSL is not an ISP, its a message board and it free. It is also not connected to any ISP

    i think you better post in the correct section. Meron naman sections for the major ISP's. And dont act as if connected ang pinoyDSL sa ISP mo. So walang mangyayri if puro reklamo ka lang kasi the officials of your ISP wont hear it. What you want to do is ask for help from the members here
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  12. athenaxds

    athenaxds Member

    pfsense + lusca topic needs a clean up there are too many misleading post which has derailed the topic.
  13. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    Nawala nga mga sexy pics ko dto eh. hmpf. .

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