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    well said sir livewire an sir tong2x.

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    bullseye. whatever your excuse may be, it's still a flame.

  3. CBACK CrackerTracker has detected a potential attack on this site with a worm or exploit script so the Security System stopped the script.

    If you can see this page after including a new MOD into your board or after clicking on a link please contact the Board Administrator with this error message and a description what you have done before you could see this page, that the Admin has the possibility to fix the problem.

    Sir report ko lang ito. Nung gumawa ako ng new topic at press ko na ung submit eh gani2 ang lumalabas. Help po
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    Hi Sir,

    I just sent Duhwho and Dyowel a message, under sa kanila yung Chat Lounge, am sure they'll get back to your request. Thanks
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    @toyotaboi: Gumawa ka lang ng kompleto at malinaw na topic title at pabayaan mong blanko ang description...

    ... namimili kasi ng words or characters sa "description", kapag ayaw nya ng linagay mong description, lumalabas ang CBACK warning... para matesting mo, gumawa ka ng new topic at sundin mo ang sinabi ko.

    btw, matagal nang isyu ito ng PDSL... hanggan ngayon hindi pa rin nare-resolve... and welcome to PDSL.
  6. duhwho

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    that would under watch
  7. JamesCooper

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    meron kasi word filter ang sa topic title at topic description. Pag nag match sa filter, cbtracker will not allow you to post. SOmetimes punctuations marks.

  9. @james cooper, unwired

    Thanks po sa tulong nyo mga masters
  10. dyoddyowel

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    just a reminder... if you wanted to report something, kindly click the report post button... using the report post button is faster and we will be alerted via email plus a direct link to the offending post...


    the offending post may not get the moderator's attention if you just posted your complaints in any thread because not all moderators are scouring and reading each and every thread in this forum because we also have personal matters to attend to, so you see, it would be better if the report post button is used whenever anyone wanted to report something because that is a sure way to catch a moderator's attention...
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    baka ikaw ang marep0rt nyan sa mga m0d. Hehehe... Baka maban ka nyan.
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    Problema ko di ako maka create ng bagong post. Meron pa naman akong gustong ipost dito na bago about game streaming.
  13. badrra

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    ay pwede na pala ...salamat
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    please check the search features, its not properly working
  15. jaworemoj

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    X post.
  16. kwiki

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    what do you mean? kindly post a screenshot

  17. Hello everybody! :)

    I would like to address a concern about a certain member/moderator/admin/owner? of this forum. Provided below is a screenshot of a thread that has recently been deleted by said person.

    The situation:

    When I said that I was surprised how @tsenseless was able to understand sir @duhwho's English, I literally meant I was amazed how he actually did understand @duhwho's English given the fact that he is from the US. Apparently, sir @duhwho found this offensive and decided to reply to my post.

    Clearly visible in this screenshot is sir @duhwho changing the topic of the thread and making it about him. He starts by asking me if I am Chinese, and then emphasized the word "chekwa" aka "tsekwa" afterwards. This word may not be as offensive as in the past when it used to mean "Chinese laborer eats and shits".. So, if we all follow sir @duhwho's example, everyone would address the Filipino people by saying, "Are you pinoy? Are you a brown monkey?" Since that is the way sir @duhwho addresses Chinese people, does that mean that he considers himself in fact a brown monkey?

    Then sir @duhwho proceeds to explain that if a person is smart, he will still be able to fully understand what the other person is saying even though the language spoken is poorly constructed. For example: If an American yells to a Filipino "TALON PUSA!", this means that the Filipino should immediately understand that the American was trying to warn the Filipino that he should run away from the wild tiger that is about the jump and attack him from behind. If you were a "smart" Filipino, you would immediately be able to translate what the American was trying to say even just with those two simple Tagalog words. That is what sir @duhwho said but instead with @tsenseless as the Filipino and @duhwho as the American who has very little knowledge of how to express what he is trying to say in tagalog.

    Sir @duhwho continues his post by addressing @tsenseless with the words "mokong" and "feelingero" then expresses how he assumes @tsenseless not being able to understand what he says.

    Next is @duhwho explaining to @pcruztemp how he is correct and that he is not trolling, right after I tried to explain to @pcruztemp how the purpose of the thread was not to debate whether PLDT's service is good or bad, but rather to educate the readers about the truth behind the wires of PLDT and what is ideal for an Internet Service Provider. When @tsenseless started the topic, he was not asking for your opinion whether you think PLDT's services are good or bad. He was merely educating the public.

    But then, for some reason the topic and the entire thread got erased? with @tsenseless banned from the forum, right after sir @duhwho started flaming....
    Oh no! Now @duhwho will delete this post of mine because it is a flame/rant against a member and not an ISP! Oh wait! Now the admins will have to delete this entire thread because it collects and flames other members of this forum but then calls it "Reports to the Moderators!"
    My questions to PinoyDSL...

    Should moderators/admins/owners be exempted from the rules of this forum? Should they be allowed to insult and flame other members whilst deleting evidence and banning those they find personally offensive?

    Is this even an official forum or was this just created to satisfy your own ego?
  18. lordmight

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    Honestly bro, have you join us here to satisfy your ego?

    You should've acted your age. Be mature bro, don't be a crybaby. :)
  19. livewire

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    my take on the comment above. i take no sides but it would have been better if you have pm'd duhwho regarding that matter and waited or his reply for several days and maybe things could have been resolved privately. if duwho does not reply within 1 week of the said pm'd message then i think it is the time you air your concern on this thread. the comment above would surely irked duhwho since this is a public message. as ive said if duhwho didnt reply any pm made by you then i guess he doesnt have the right to react since he was forewarned privately. public outcry, outburst usually ends up in long and tiring arguments and fight and lesser chance of resolving the matter since both parties are already hot headed. c'mon were pinoys and its a common trait of ours that we argue or defend ourselves once our pride is on the line.

    just my two cents.
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    sabi nga ng isang president . . there is no war if every country respect each other opinions, religions and beliefs . .

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