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Discussion in 'Suggestions / Problems / Bugs' started by dyoddyowel, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. duhwho

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    i think whether posting a picture for art sakes or not.. as long as its main purpose is something sexy.... this would be somewhat will not be allowed... specially if there is no consent from that person..


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  2. Help I can't post any new topic here. I already had my account validated. That CTRACKER block me whenever I try to submit my topic.
  3. JamesCooper

    JamesCooper Member

    When you say "I try to submit my topic"...

    how exactly are you doing it? could you pls describe the step by step procedure on how you do it?

    this way other members could analyze why the CTRACKER thing is blocking your new post...

  4. I go to the PLDT DSL section.
    Click the "new topic"
    Writes my title, title description, and my entry.
    When I try to submit it. It blocks me off.
  5. JamesCooper

    JamesCooper Member

    ok... the cause of the blocking is usually the words or characters you used in your "description"... try editing your description using 2 or 3 words only... if it still blocks you, leave the description empty... pls try again
  6. Gokou

    Gokou Member

    actually nothing happened with my case, nada. no apology here or pm, anyways it's ok, i expect it naman.

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Sorry kung ot :)


    please warn people from flaming, warning is ok but doing to the extent of insulting other people, now that's bad.

    anyway... i miss pdsl and you guys :)
  7. Warlock1981

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    musta na gokou.... :D
  8. Gokou

    Gokou Member

    Ok lang :)

    sorry kung ot.

    anyway looks like wala na atang prob dito sa pdsl, technical wise i mean :)
  9. zackxxx

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    welcome back son gokou? bati na ba kayo ni flame3000?
  10. Symantec

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    mga tsong, dito pa kayo nag kamustahan ah... hehehehe.....
  11. Gokou

    Gokou Member

    sorry sorry po sa ot


    ah... no communication kaya no comment

    tama na ot guys! nasita na tayo! :)
  12. Gokou

    Gokou Member

    no post on topic on certain threads sa im bored, yung mga 100+ na pages. i think nasabi na to dati
  13. Gokou

    Gokou Member

  14. Warlock1981

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    oo nga, bka magkaroon ng away :)
  15. Gokou

    Gokou Member

    kaya i move it closed and be deleted please mga mods
  16. kwiki

    kwiki Member

  17. tong2x_

    tong2x_ Member

    personally I don't think it was OT as the content of his post was relatated to your topic. though it was not a direct answer to your question, at least it was about maids and experiences of hiring maids.

    actually Gokou was the one eager to help you in your thread, he keeps suggesting and giving info, though a bit of a nagger which probably ticked you off.
  18. kwiki

    kwiki Member

    I agree with you bro.. he talks too much but I only need a simple answer that's why it pissed me off. The kwentong barbero thing is OT to be honest with you. I'm checking that thread from time to time to see if there is a development.

    I don't know how to explain this but its serious in my part. I ask a question seriously and off course I'm expecting a serious reply. There are some joke replies there but I don't entertain them to avoid to going off the topic.
  19. livewire

    livewire Member

    Here's an additional suggestions to the MODS


    suggestions :

    * Rants and Raves are allowed but up to a certain extent.

    a.) that all rants and raves should be focus on the ISP
    b.) if a certain EMPLOYEE who goes out of his way in helping certain subscriber of this forum. Flaming AGAINST INDIVIDUAL/MEMBER for reasons he is connected with the SAID ISP or Service Provider is not allowed.
    c.) If u have complaints regarding ur ISP then i suggest read the forum first before making a new thread. Most Problems has already been posted before and some answers or solutions has also been posted before. USE THE SEARCH OPTION on this thread to find ur answer.

    OK to be honest and to be frank

    Check all the post of HUNTER15

    i want to start with hunter15, check all his post.. he starts a thread with some question and when there is a reply regarding his question nawawala na agad and makes a new thread again.

    Check all post of tyer. its mostly rants about digitel

    BOTH HUNTER15 and TYER are suki of DIGITEL THread add them both together sounds like slash888

    i am not afraid of the penalties the MOD's might give me due to my statements above but i want the unknowing innocent PDSL members to be aware para di naman masayang mga sagot nyo sa mga walang kwentang tanong nila.

    @hunter15 and tyer indeed if u are not one and the same, then i suggest both of u post under one thread then lets see, ur ip's do not lie.

    Look at this thread :

    a certain member here is already helping the concerns of other members and yet some new wanna be all knowing new members talks thrash to his person. To be honest i am irked by this member(s) action. Being STUPID is not an excuse in life.
  20. lordmight

    lordmight Guest

    yup mga masters, namention narin sakin matagal ni sir albert na same IP po sila, kay slash888, kahit ako po naiinis sa mga pagsasalita nila kay digitetech though empleyado lang naman po siya. sanapo maayos ng pulido ang rules. Thanks po ^^

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