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Discussion in 'Suggestions / Problems / Bugs' started by dyoddyowel, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. dyoddyowel

    dyoddyowel Member

    as everybody knows, not all moderators are active or online at the same time... and of course, aside from online life, we also have a real life where we attend to important matters in our life (family, work, etc)

    so it isn't unusual if we sometimes missed a thread or something that needs a moderator's action, so i humbly ask everyone please, if you see something that needs a moderator's attention like a misplaced thread (thread placed in the wrong category), duplicate threads, spam, flame wars, warez link or anything that you think violated PinoyDSL's Posting Tips and Guidelines, kindly click the button report post on the top right of the offending post to alert the moderator in-charge of that section or PM the moderator to explain the situation...


    after a member clicked the report post button, the moderator in-charge of that section will be alerted via email regarding the offending post and will now see this icon...


    All reports and discussions regarding the supposed problem thread will remain confidential...


    PinoyDSL started as a self-moderation forum, meaning, there are no moderators at first and members are encouraged to moderate their own post as needed... but as PinoyDSL community grows, something is needed to control some things, so a moderator is implemented...

    still, i highly encouraged everyone to moderate their own post, --- post in the right section, avoid flame wars as much as possible, avoid duplicate threads, etc so it will be less work for us mods...

    thanks and hoping for a better PinoyDSL community...
  2. zackxxx

    zackxxx Member

    salamat bro
  3. jase07

    jase07 Member

    maybe start by deleting obscene pictures and posts to the "Post Your Dream Babe" topic. It's getting dirty, and the fact is moderators also posted and continue posting these kinds of pictures.. Not good for a community you wanted to be...
  4. jaczmar

    jaczmar Member

    sino ba ang mod doon?? naku! dyo lagot ikaw pa man din maraming beses na nag view doon hehehehe..... minsan kasi di maiwasan ang maging pasaway(kasama na me doon hehe ) pero saglit lang i wipe out mga below the belt pics doon hehehe pampagising kasi sa mga natutulog nating dugo...

    puede GO na! :)

    on topic: NOTED
  5. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    i already gave a notice in that thread after i saw this message.

    thanks for your concern jase.
  6. livewire

    livewire Member

    IMHO the thread is good, if you look at the views and replies marami rami na rin. there is one pic though na nakita ko dun kitang kita na ang nipples and sa baba kaso inedit ng photoshop to hide those sensitive parts.let us define sexy and nudity. sexy pics are those pics which are sexy in nature but the nipples and pubic hair or lower part is still covered either by hand or any object so as long as none of the two are violated then i think theres no problem posting sexy girls, it goes with the thread title post your dream girl. it might be a member admires her face or her body doesnt really matter as long as there is no nudity.

    btw male moderators are just human they too are allowed to post any pics so as long as they follow the guidelines of pdsl.

    just my two cents
  7. jase07

    jase07 Member

    You should start your own topic, your pictorials are really good to combine with a dirty topic, just look at the some of the replies, you'll see how this community is turning into. Is there really a moderator here? What will a decent person can say if he/she reads "Sarap naman ni....", "katakam takam yung legs.."", "kakagigil..." and alike! Yeah it is fun for a while but if you look at it at the wholistic view of this board, you'll ask yourself if there are still rules in this forums...

    just my opinion anyway...
  8. livewire

    livewire Member

    "my pictorials are really good to combine with a dirty topic"?? what do u mean by that ?? if there are naughty replies or replies not pleasing to your eyes then i suggest stop visiting the thread so that you wont have to see those nasty quotes of anymore.

    lastly i dont see anything wrong with the word sarap, nakaka gigl etc. etc. its just an xpression and guess what this forum is male populated.... i would rather have those word mentioned above than to read put* in*, bw*sT, f*ck Yo* etc. etc. etc.
  9. donetus

    donetus Member

    guys, keep it cool .. :)

    for jase07, some of the pix and remarks maybe insulting or degrading, his/her intentions are good to keep this messageboard clean ..

    but livewire also has a point, nde maiiwasan yung ganun remarks .. for the pix, we can mellow it down naman ..

    since at first wala namang nag-complain, it seems that its ok naman .. pero you don't have to say na walang ginagawa moderators .. it doesn't mean na porke moderator kami eh we're not allowed to have some fun .. and you know well how boys define 'fun' but of course with moderation din naman .. :)
  10. Tr0w4Tr3y

    Tr0w4Tr3y Member

    Guys, sa tingin ko nmn we are all adults nmn sa mga ganyang bagay. We don't haft to argue with such things. Wala nmn siguro masama hanggat di nmn tripleX ang content ng picture. Actually i adore Livewire for those picture, because that kind of picture are art for people like me.

    Kahit nga makita nyo ung mga drawing ni Michael Angelo ba un, diba may mga exposed part pa nga dun, pero OK lang coz it's an art. It depend pa rin sa taong titingin.

    I'm not pointing on someone it's just my opinion..

  11. carlo_scute

    carlo_scute Member

    mahirap talagang mag draw ng line pagdating sa sexy pics, sa ibang tao sexy ang semi nude, others would say it's already porn.

    dapat talaga may adult section tayo or thread.. dun ilagay ang sexy pics, soft p#rn, and beyond that.
  12. livewire

    livewire Member

    thats what ive been trying to suggest a long time ago to have a FTB or For the Boys Section whether its password protected or by invitation only na board. i reviewed PDSL's rules and regulations and i have not seen anything that says bawal magsabi ng masarap, nakaka gigil etc. etc. those words are not considered foul language but xpresion.

    for jase07 i am here not to fight nor to argue with you, if my pics or other people remarks regarding my photos makes you ill. i strongly recommend that you stop opening "Post your Dream Girl thread" so that it wont bother you anymore.

    just my two cents.
  13. Gokou

    Gokou Member

    Somebody's threatening me on PM

    To tell you the truth guys, ayoko muna pumunta dito kasi ayoko ng away. My personal life's not that good so I don't want someone online doing the same thing to my life.

    anyway kayo na humusga

    From: flame3000
    To: Gokou
    Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:38 pm
    Subject: Ei

    lam mo lahat ng sabihin ng members dito about sa pagpapaalala sa rules and regulations binibigyan mo ng kahulugan kaya nagkakaroon ng spark, tapos sinabi mo nasusunog ka na? nangiinsulto ka ba or what? Wag mong sabihin sakin na porke mas mataas ang post mo sakin dito ay pwede mo na akong ganonin, paalala lang buddy pantay pantay lang dito, pinapaalala lang namin ang mga rules and regulations. At ikaw binibigyan mo pa meaning, at nagpopost ka ng reply na magsisimula ang flame? LMAO

    I find this a threat. Who in his right mind would say things like that? Ako pa nagyayabang? kelan? Sa pm mahahalata kung sino nagyayabang. Hindi ko sya ka close so he doesn't have the right to say that to me sa pm. Sa forum pwede pa, at least kita ng lahat.

    So like I said, kayo na bahala. If majority of you wants me out of pdsl, it's no big deal. But to my friends here... thank you very much.

    To the mods, favor. if a development or action was made on my case, please mail me, or if that's too much... just pm me. I'll try to reply. And I know some of the mods are friends of his, but please be fair and just.

    I'm not asking for him to be banned, I just want him to appologize. Here and on pm. And I really don't want it to happen again.

    Thank you.

    Merry Christmas.

  14. Piniem ko siya to avoid flame in a certain thread, if you want to ban me, ok that's all, the hell I care? See? lahat ng sabihin ng members na pagpapaalala, ay pinepersonal mo? at binibigyan mo ng meaning. Isa pa, gusto mo sa thread ako magingay? at sa thread kita pagsabihan? kung yun pala gusto mo bakit di ka nagresponse sakin? unang una, sabi nila kung gusto mo pag sabihan ang isang tao, wag sa public, lalo kang mapapahiya, and besides maguumpisa ng flame. Just following the rules, do I intend to break the rule? do I break the rule? I'm going to leave this forum, for the sake of your "kaclose" both my ID.

    Who is in right mind? See? you should ask yourself about that. Well why do I have to tell you this, the hell you care right?

    Ok guys, thanks for the help, and enjoyment this site gave me. I'm going to deactivate my two accounts here.

    Thanks to dslmaster for making this site. And to those mods that I idolized.
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  15. livewire

    livewire Member

    this is a simple matter of misunderstanding things can be settled thru PM. i recently had a lil fight with a MOD(name withheld and we argued about somet points, pero na resolve din namin peacefully thru pm)

    @ gokou and flame. i admit ma initin ang ulo ko but hey its just me, sometimes we should know when and where to apologize. its normal to argue but to a sense na maging personalan na dito sa PDSL is absurd.

    this is a public forum therefore its open to all. this should be a place to hangout where everyone can enjoy and share stuff's not a place to fight or argue. IMO and this is IMO, both of you may mali.

    @flame medyo sensitive masyado emotions mo, hey i am sensitive too kaya i understand you. medyo malakas ang dating (NOT MAYABANG) parang pabagsak konti ang PM, if di tayo close talagang mabibigla ako. thats why i understand what gokou feels.

    @gokou alam ko nabigla ka sa PM since di mo naman close si flam if ako yun that would be my first reaction too. but sana wag na post sa public ang PM ni flame, instead pwede naman reply mo nalang sya with your opinion.

    again those said above are my PERSONAL OPINION. i am not siding with gokou or with flame in anywayz. sometimes kasi it takes a third person view to see the whole scenario. since both of you are in the scenario wala talagang mali sa inyo dahil di nyo nakikita ang outside the box

    just my two cents. hope both of you can resolve the issue privately

    advance merry xmas to all!
  16. greekolo

    greekolo Member

    mga bro cool down lang tayo.. ang lamig ng panahon ngyon kaya walang lugar ang paginit ng ulo ngyon..hehe.. nadadaan naman lahat sa magandang usapan.. lapit na christmas mga bro.. make love not war. hhehe

    advance merry christmas sanyong lahat..
  17. kwiki

    kwiki Member


    Kaya mag make love na kayong dalawa. hehee
  18. iancortis

    iancortis Member

    mga bossing... peace na pohh.. "live with love" muahhh meriXmas
  19. HiTaChiE

    HiTaChiE Member

    guyz can you PLEASE consider the DATE and TIME post to AVOID FLAMING

    (minsan kasi tahimik na forum dahil nag usap na sila through PM)

    and i quote the "make love not war" THAT'S RIGHT


  20. hehe mukang lashing na naman si pareng jacz...

    nyway tama sila make love not war...

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