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  1. Softwares Needed for Test Speed:

    1. Bandwidth Meter
    2. Download Manager (capable up 8 segents in downloading)
    3. Any Direct HTTP File at least 10Mb to be Downloaded (Try


    1. 384 kbps = 48 kBps 45-47 kBps
    2. 512 kbps = 64 kBps 59-62 kBps
    3. 768 kbps = 96 kBps 90-94 kBps
    4. 1 mbps = 128 kBps


    1. Install the Bandwidth Meter & configure it to ur line speed.

    2. Download a File using Download Manager in Accelerated Mode (up to 8 segments or even higher)

    3. Check ur Bandwidth Meter >>> if u see fraction on ur meter then ur not gaining ur actual speed. a fraction of meter goes +5 above ur line speed but in average youll be downloading -2 to -3 on your line speed.
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  6. My Internet speed test results are,
    Download Speed: 18.89 Mbps
    Upload Speed:0.795 Mbps.
    I check my internet speed from
    What you think about this speed?
    Is this good or bad?

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