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Discussion in 'FOR SALE (IT related)' started by dslmaster, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. dslmaster

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    Some things we need to remember when posting

    1. DO NOT SPAM! :evil: everybody hate spams

    2. Posting "up" or anything nonsense to your product with the intention to make your product on top is considered spamming.

    3. As a seller, you are not allowed to post replies if you are the last poster of the item.
    If you want to add new info on your product, Edit your first post.

    4. You can only post reply to your product if other users asked some questions.

    5. "Commercial" Graphics/images/banners are not allowed in the signature.

    6. Selling of Pirated Software is not allowed.

    Sorry, policies are needed inorder to avoid abuses on postings.
    failure to follow would mean deletion of their product and possibility of ban.

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