[Q]What is the best Deskjet Printer???

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    do not use a CISS unless you print so much na nauubos ang in cartridge in a week or two

    mahal ang magpakabit ng CISS compared to refills

    with refills and specially with CISS, depende sa brand ng ink, you might get clogs in the nozzle. If you can't replace the ink nozzle like in HP and you cant un clog it, basura na ang printer mo. Yan ang advantage ng HP.

    Clogging increases when you do not use the printer for a long time, say less than once a week. PArang kotse, run the engine and go once around the block every week or so para di masira

    speaking of refills, some refills specially color, have slightly lesser quality compared to originals

    and use a good photo paper for max results
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    tnx po...


    salamat po sa advice sir...

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