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Discussion in 'BayanDSL / SkyDSL' started by lon5210, Mar 19, 2007.

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    mga sirs meron po ba kau alam na proxy server kasama na rin port ng bayantel na pede mag speed up ng download speed para s flashget? maraming salamat po.
  2. lon5210

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    mga sirs i have observed something and after playing with it i found my solution. kci mga sir kagabi chinecheck ako ung speed ng dl ko, kahit naka sod ako ang dl speed ko per kbps is less than 10. after reading some posts here in pinoydsl i found a proxy that can help me speed up my download. first i got the proxy ( with port 3128) i tried to set the proxy in my flash get and guess what, i get error occured msg when trying to look under the graph/log. what i did is i tried to reconnect my dsl connection and bam. my dl speed blazed to 100kbps++. i was stunned guys. i hope this helps.
  3. lon5210

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    sir duhwho meron din po ba kau additional suggestion or other proxies na pede ko gamitin para mapabilis ang dl. sa ngaun un lang po alam ko eh.

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