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Discussion in 'Globe DSL' started by dmbp5237, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. no internet (not just intermittent - absolutely 0 connectivity) since September 2 and I noticed the ff.:

    1. modem/router wifi light blink every few seconds
    2. my laptop can no longer detect any wifi signal
    3. using my desktop (wired connection) - i can still access but i noticed that the mac address filter was erased

    globe tech informed me system restoration in my area caused symptoms (1,2, and 3) and everything will go back to normal as soon as the restoration is complete. i'm giving globe the benefit of the doubt but i have a feeling something's wrong w/ my router.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on this. TIA.
  2. josekym

    josekym Member

    Tried hard-resetting the modem to defaults?

    By the way, and will give you different results when viewing modem settings.

  3. was able to hard-reset modem.

    what values do i enter for:

    service name
    user name (default: [email protected])
  4. caviteboy

    caviteboy Member

    service name can be left blank
    user name is the email address that Globe should have supplied you with
    password is your account number, you can see this in your bill


  5. the technician who installed the modem/router gave me a username/password. True enough I checked and the password is the same as my account number. The problem is the username doesn't seem to be an email. should i just append
  6. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^Yup, the username is the e-mail address you elected upon application. Try appending and see if you can login now. If you are in the Visayas, it's, IIRC.

  7. thanks caviteboy and josekym! i'm now back online!

    i'm disappointed with globe's tech support though.
    1. i expected the solution to come from globe - they offered no help other than inform me that a system restoration was ongoing in my area.
    2. globe denied my request for a technician to come over and check my modem/router. Their reasoning was since there was a system restoration going on in my area, the technician wouldn't be able to solve my problem.
    3. worse of all, it turns out the "system restoration" [email protected] was just globe's convenient excuse and wasn't really the problem - it was my router/modem credentials all along.

    How long would they have kept me waiting if you guys hadn't helped?

    Anyway thanks again and cheers to pinoydsl gurus!
  8. josekym

    josekym Member

    Nice... glad you got it working. Enjoy! ;)

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