Prolink H9300G ADSL2+ Router Configuration Mode - NGN Only

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    **NOTE** Settings and values for the other features of this modem are not indicated in this tutorial. Only the steps in enabling the use of "PLDT NGN DSL" and "routing mode" are indicated below.

    Set a static IP address on your computer first before you can access the Web-based Configurator.

    computer IP:
    subnet mask:

    In your desired browser, type in the URL

    Username: admin
    Password: admin


    Step 1:


    Click Quick Start on the Left Menu

    Encapsulation: 1483 Bridged IP LLC

    For Metro-Manila NGN DSL users:

    VPI: 0
    VCI: 100


    For Provincial area NGN DSL users:

    VPI: 0
    VCI: 35

    Enable NAT

    Set IP Address to to obtain ip address automatically
    Subnet Mask is also

    Check the box Obtain DNS Automatically

    Click the button Apply for the changes to take effect


    Step 2:


    Click LAN on the Left Menu, and under LAN, click DHCP Server

    Choose DHCP Server in the DHCP Server Mode

    Click the Next button


    Step 3:


    Values indicated on the Starting IP Address and Ending IP Address are just examples. You may input your own value.

    Check the box Use Router as DNS Server

    Check the box Use Router as Default Gateway

    Click the button Apply for the changes to take effect


    Step 4:


    Click WAN on the Left Menu, and under WAN, click ADSL

    Connect Mode: ADSL

    Modulation: Multimode

    Profile Type: MAIN

    Other fields are set to their Default Value as seen above.

    Click the button Apply for the changes to take effect


    Step 5:


    Click Save Config on the Lower Right Portion of the Webpage, and then click Apply


    Step 6:


    Restart Router with Current Settings

    Click the button Restart for the modem/router to reboot

    After the Modem is rebooted, settings should take effect.

    You can now change your computer back to Dynamic IP Address

    The above settings worked for my NGN DSL Connection.

    Comments/Suggestions are always welcome.
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    thanks for the guide...

    some screenshots are missing... will put this on sticky as soon as screenies are fixed...

  3. sorry , i had trouble with the free-image hosting server
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    thread now on sticky... thanks...

  5. thanks too. hope this guide will be helpful to others. features of this modem/router can be found at the link above.
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    sir, what do you mean by NGN only? tnxs


  7. @PORKY
    sorry for the late reply. connects the internet to provider without the use of Username and Password as authentication. unlike PPPoE

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  9. sir ask ko lang kung pede ba to sa globe 1mb data only plan,ppoe setting nga lang,kasi lagi ngrerestart yung modem,ano ba dapat na setting sa ppoe yung wifi kasi habol ko sa modem na to,wala kasing wifi yung modem na ininstall ng globe thanks kung may mgrreply

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