Prolink H6300G LAN Configuration

Discussion in 'Globe DSL' started by 2bolski, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Can anyone of you help me figure this out? Prolink H6300G has 4 ports to connect 4 PCs via ethernet cable. I can connect to the internet when plugging in one PC only. But when i start adding another one i start loosing connection. I can't browse on both PCs...

    1. Both PCs are configured to acquire IP address and and DNS automatically.
    2. No firewalls for both PCs.
    3. PC1 and PC2 both works if connected to the Prolink H6300G one at a time.
    4. Do i need to change the settings of H6300G?

    Please enlighten me GURU's :cry:
  2. josekym

    josekym Member

    First, find out what mode your H6300G is running at. Kung router mode siya, then wala na dapat ibang config na kailangan.

    Try doing an IPCONFIG /all command on both PCs (while they are connected to the H6300G) and port them here.
  3. donetus

    donetus Member

    can the two computers communicate with each other? does changing the port also yield the same result?

    btw, na-try mo na i-crimp unlit yung dulo ng mga cable?

    this might be a long shot though .. how about changing the lan card? in case that you do have a spare ..

  4. @josekym: i'm just new with this router modem, i need to go to right?

    ito ba yung gagamitin?


    @duh.dong: I was not able to verify if they can communicate. i'll get that checked. But take note both PCs work with the internet if only one is plugged in. So i guess there's nothing wrong with the LAN card nor the cables...
  5. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^Yes. If you can manage your H6300G that way, then it means naka router mode na siya.

    Check mo nalang yung LAN Interface niya sa GUI for the proper DHCP settings.

  6. SS of GUI

    Sir i was able to access the PROLINK GUI and here's what i got...

  7. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^Tama naman setting ng DHCP server mo. That should work without a hitch.

    Can you double check yung mga PC mo baka naman naka-static IP sila ng magka-pareho?

  8. Sir i've checked it over and over again... Naka obtain ip address and dns server automatically pareho... Try ko na lang hard reset yung modem i just need to get yung account info yung username at pass nung accnt....

  9. Haizzzzz... Both PCs automatically acquired IP addresses, they can see each other in the network. I can transfer files but when it comes to internet access...Nawawala connection kapag 2 PC na ang connected sa H6300G. Tumawag me sa globe meron sinasabi na d pa daw tapos facilitation... Nakakainternet na ano pa ba problema? hindi ba settings na lang ng H6300G ang problema?
  10. josekym

    josekym Member

    IMO, nothing is wrong with your settings on the H6300G. Maybe you could tweak the DNS settings on that same page para manual mo ilagay ang at as your 'User Defined' DNS servers.

    Since nagkikita sa LAN yung dalawang PC mo, then the LAN portion of the modem/router works. If the problem persists, then defective na iyang modem mo, malamang.

    Can you do this?

    On both PC's, open 3 command prompts each and type for each prompt:

    ping -t
    ping -t
    ping -t

    and then see the reaction of both PCs...
  11. donetus

    donetus Member

    btw, by any chance, do you have a laptop or any wifi device? if so, same din ba nangyayari pag nagko-connect sila via wifi?

    i doubt it the supposed 'restoration' has something to do with what's happening ..

  12. @josekym: i'll try that... primary dns and secondary dns

    @duh.dong: if i use one PC + my Sony Satio i don't experience this issue... I can browse at the same time... But when both are wired connections that's when my issue starts re-occuring again.

    Honestly, medyo disappointed ako sa mga agents na sumasagot sa globe...Hindi sila TECHY, all they can say is "Nakikita po namin dito na hindi pa taps ang facilitation ng account ninyo...Kaya po ganyan ang problema ninyo..."

    Nakaka browse na nga eh, nakakadownload na nga, chat, streaming, etc...D pa tapos facilitation? Eh settings lang naman ng router need ko?! I was asking for a tech to check it out again para if may issue nga modem/router eh mapalitan na nga agad...mag 2 weeks na wala parin tech pumupunta...

  13. UPDATES:
    1. I CAN'T BROWSE if i have 2 PCs connected sa H6300G.
    2. I CAN BROWSE if 1 PC lang connected sa H6300G.
    3. I CAN BROWSE using 1 PC and my Cellphone using wireless.
    4. I connected 2 PCs sa H6300G i CAN'T BROWSE but i CAN CHAT and PLAY online games.

    So somehow i isolated the issue, i only have issues BROWSING if i have more than 1 PC connected through WIRED connection. Even though i'm not able to browse i never got disconnected from YM and the Online Game.

    So what do you guys think? DHCP issue? DNS Issue? Sakit na ulo ko ^_^
  14. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^Based on the above, your H6300G is working fine.

    Can you do the ping tests I mentioned before? Also, did you try all four LAN ports? Do you have another switch diyan?

    From your description, only TCP port 80 on the other machine seems to be blocked/interrupted/etc.

  15. @josekym: The reason why i'm pushing to make the H6300G work kasi may wireless na siya, meron ako extra router dito pero wala wireless so hindi naman magagamit yung mga wireless connection. Eh gagastos pa for another switch or router for it to work.

    Actually i tried na rin using the other ports...I get the same results. Try ko yung PING na sinuggest mo...GF ko kasi pinagawa ko while i'm working here sa office heheheh....
  16. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^Excuse me. When did I say "buy another switch?" I asked if you have a spare one to test.

    Maybe the last thing you should do is to hard-reset your H6300G and re-configure it to working defaults. If it still does not work, then have it replaced by all means.

  17. Hehehe i just stated my reason ^_^ kaya gusto ko maayos yung settings ng H6300G ^_^ ... I already tried hard-reset din bro even yung wizard, wala talaga... I even tried adjusting yung MTU. Same result.

    Tagal ng techs nila pumunta... Yun ang pangit sa service ng GLOBE mabagal kumilos...

  18. pldt ok yun service nila sa akin for the last 3 years. kaya lng ako lumipat sa globe binigay kasi yun 3Mbps nila with phone ng 2295. Sa pldt 3800. Direct connection ka sa internet. wala cla proxy severs
  19. josekym

    josekym Member

    Other things you could try on the H6300G:

    1) Disable the Firewall/SPI/ACL.
    2) Disable DHCP service and use static IP's on the PCs.
    3) Try browsing HTTPS sites or even the IP addresses of the HTTP sites.

  20. globe must have changed the admin passwords for this modem since i cant open them with the passwords youve given.

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