PROLINK H5004N + Linksys Wireless-N Home Router WRT120N

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  1. bago na kasi yung sa PLDT. yung PLDT Mydsl wifi modem. (PROLINK H5004N) Ask lang po. gusto ko kasi gamitin parin ang Linksys ko. pano po iconfigure? pwede po ba DALAWANG Router ang gamitin? (PROLINK H5004N and Linksys Wireless-N Home Router WRT120N)

    Pa Help po.

  2. Pwede po ang dalawang router PROLINK H5004N at Linksys Wireless-N Home Router WRT120N.
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    Ibahin lang LAN address ng 2 routers para hindi mag conflict
    gawin WAN yung address ng PROLINK H5004N saLinksys Wireless-N Home Router WRT120N
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  5. pwedeng pwede sir ako nga PROLINK H5004N + 3 routers setup ko eh
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    @TS, WiFi routers ba gamit mo? Follow t84's advice for starters.

    Kung gusto mong router mode lahat nung 2,3, etc. routers mo, then applicable pa rin ang suggestion ni t84. Do it for every router in the mix. Pero, hindi magkikita-kita yung mga LAN PC mo directly. Example:

    Modem (LAN ports: 192.168.100.x) <-- Router1 (WAN port:; LAN ports: 192.168.10.x)
    ^--- Router2 (WAN port:; LAN ports: 192.168.20.x)
    ^--- Router3 (WAN port:; LAN ports: 192.168.30.x)

    Alternatively, pwede naman gawin accesspoint only yung mga 3 router mo kung gusto mo magkita-kita lahat sa ng PC sa LAN (upto host limit of subnet mask):

    Modem (LAN ports: 192.168.100.x) <-- Router1 (WAN port: no connect; LAN address:
    ^--- Router2 (WAN port: no connect; LAN address:
    ^--- Router3 (WAN port: no connect; LAN address:

    For this, you have to turn off DHCP server on all routers. The modem's DHCP server should handle it all.

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