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Discussion in 'Destiny cable' started by duh, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. duh


    Do you have problems with myDestiny cable internet that has long been taken for granted? Do you feel that the CSR's of myDestiny are not taking any measures for your complaints nor do they say anything at all to let you know that they have listened to or read your complaints?

    I just had enough of them keeping quiet and them being totally unreachable on all means of communication... and to top it all, I'm still experiencing a lot of intermittent connections (downloading at speeds as low as 3kbps, speedtest results with download rates less than dial-up speed and slow downs, I mean really crawling speeds from late in the morning to midnight. I already had started a movement and I did got some members to join me on my quest to show myDestiny what "action" really means as they seem to lack the necessary "actions" to address our existing problems... drastic measures for lack of response from them.

    Here's what we are planning to do:

    1. Text or call or e-mail mydestiny about the problem atleast once a day. Don't forget to save the messages if you texted or e-mailed, these will serve as proofs later on. This should continue until one of us gets a concrete answer from one of the CSR... if someone got that ideal response from them inform us here in this forum. What to complain? The very slow connection except on the wee hours of the morning. I can hardly download right now because I get DL speeds as low as 3kbps. If you have other complaints feel free to add some more. What is the ideal answer from the CSR? We will look into that matter ASAP and will give you feedback within the next 48 hours (or less)... or if the response has a concrete answer as to why we experience this type of ugly service AND if the response contains what they are going to do about the said problem. If no one gets any response from any of the said methods (of contacting the CSR), we continue to do this until the NTC day. May I suggest we give them one week (until the 15th of March 2007)? IF still no favorable response, read on.

    2. Everyday get screenshots of bandwidth test results from three sites: , , and . Save it on one folder (don't forget the time and dates... might as well put it under the file name e.g. globe03071730 which means the test site is globe's and done on march 7 5:30pm). Ofcourse all these are not really compulsory but this will help us later prove our case. You can also add screenshots of your downloads on plain http, torrents and other filesharing wares.

    3. On the eve of March 15, when there's no improvement of mydestiny's service, complete the form provided by the NTC ( and also prepare your screenshots and other proofs as they should be sent together with the complaint form. You can e-mail NTC, fax them or write by post. How? Read Once all forms are done, send them immediately.

    4. We wait for NTC's reply or course of action. I'll try to call or visit them 3 days after we've sent those forms. If the actions didn't gave an impact to mydestiny, it's time for plan B. Media coverage. As of now, I'm scouting e-mails of journalists (aside from my friends) from tv to broadsheets especially tech writers and complaint columns. If you have any friends from the media, any help would be appreciated.

    I appeal to all subscribers of mydestiny who is experiencing this kind of bad service to take a shot at this. It may seem like a tall order but there's no harm if we try. And we need numbers on this so please do your share. We only want what is just and fair. We pay them for this service therefore we should all get good quality service from them and not being totally ignored at. And because they gave me all these problems and trouble in my connection, I'm willing to undergo all the trouble just to get them to speak and do something about it.

    any questions or comments just reply here or pm me...
    or e-mail:

    Thanks for reading this.

    Currently, there has been inconsistent surges on my speed during the said time where we experience slow downs... I'm not sure though if it's just luck or they're actually trying to do something about our complaints as none of them bother to make any announcement. We're still continuing our monitoring activities and our plans until we hear from them or see something concrete and consistent for all of us ailing subscribers.
  2. mish

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    Very nice. Hope you guys get some results.

    One suggestion: Look into our consumer-protection laws ( is a pretty good source. just ignore the horrendous (ugly) site design), and try to integrate/work with the relevant provisions in planning any further actions. Corporations respond to legalese, more often than not, if only to cover their asses.
  3. duh


    Thanks for the tip mish. We will try to do everything legally possible just to make our boys down at myDestiny's HQ to talk about the problems we are experiencing and what measures are they taking... that's our primary concern as of now. The site you recommended is a great source of information... thanks a lot.
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    welcome to the forums...i pm'd you.
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    thanks symantec
  6. Symantec

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    good luck in your endeavor!
  7. duhwho

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    meron akong name sake hehehee

  8. duh


    ooops, sorry po... ito rin po kasi nick ko sa forum ng mydestiny, na ngayon ay sobrang gulo... at nagkakaroon madalas ng SQL error... :D
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    hehhe .. parehas pala tayo .. hahaha ..

    anyway, yung admin kasi dun, pasulpot-sulpot lang eh .. kaya nagkagulo dun dahil yung mismong concern ng bawat subscriber eh nde natutugunan .. although it would take some time, siguro patience lang kailangan ..

    a good example would be the lease time which expires every 4 hrs .. pero ngayon, 12 hrs na though some claims that their lease time expires 24 hrs .. meron nga nagpost sa TPC, 1 yr daw before magexpire yung leasetime nya ..
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    ei duh musta na mabuti nag kitakits tyo rito pambihra ang forum ng destiny lagi sira kakawalang gana dun
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    hah... malapit na... ready ka na ba? hehe... :D
  12. duh


    The day has come... so I would still like to call the attention of the problematic mydestiny subscribers to please file your complaints today. The more the merrier... please read the first post on how if you're still uninformed. Thanks.

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