Problem with IP address not renewing.

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  1. it all started when they (bayantel) opted to do a port reblock since they no longer know what else to do to resolve my intermittent sync issue, sadly that didnt fix the problem but instead, it actually made it even worst. Now everytime I perform a release/renew the modem would get the same IP address. the problem is, we all know how crappy bayantel's IP add is, so what I normally do prior to having this problem is I keep on renewing IP and check connection quality by running a continuous ping test to my game's patch server and see if it gets lots of time outs and if it does, i just renew again until I get a decent and stable connection.

    The problem is, Ive called bayantel and as you guys would expect... they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    so that being said, I need help.

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    Do you have any alternative beside from bayantel?

  3. Change ISP provider to either Globe or PLDT. Bayantel's DSL service is already too expensive and the quality of their service is no longer at par with the other providers.

    PLDT offers 3 mbps @ P999
    Globe offers 3 mbps @ P999
    Bayantel offers only 1 mbps @ P999 - intermittent connection, high latency, incompetent staff.

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