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  1. mga sir nkpag palit ako ng xyzel modem into new prolink wifi modem/router
    paano ko po kaya maibbalik from modem to edimax router mdyo mbgal po connection ng mga pc ko gmit ko kc prolink then 8 port n switch , im planning to retain the edimax connected to prolink paano po ggwin help me thanks.......
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    Pwede mo pa rin i-connect yung Edimax router mo to the LAN port of the Prolink. Just make sure that both devices are using different LAN subnets (ex. 192.168.254.x on the Prolink; 192.168.100.x on the Edimax).

    If you can make your Prolink into Bridge mode (i.e. modem only mode), so much the better... para si Edimax na mag-host ng Internet connection.

  3. ^ paano ba gawing bridge mode yung modem na prolink galing sa pldt?problema ko din ngayun ito eh di ko kasi magamit yung tplink ko na router.

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