Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services – Foster Care Program

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  1. Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services is a famous charitable organization which is licensed by the Texas department of Family and Protective Services. They house about 66 beds and serve a number of children, both boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17.They offer various programs like Group Homes, Foster Care, Child and Family, Single Parent Family and Educational Programs.

    The Foster Care program serves children who require short-term or long-term placement outside their families. Children stay in private neighborhood homes of foster parents who are trained and certified by the organization. Not more than two children are placed in a single foster home. This is to ensure more one-on-one attention. The children attend public school, receive spiritual guidance and Christian nurture. They are also provided with individual and family counseling services as needed. To provide high quality care to children in a family environment Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services carefully screens, selects, trains, supervises and supports qualified foster families in the community. PCHAS makes a consistent effort to closely match foster family characteristics with the unique needs of each child, thus giving placements a strong opportunity to be successful. PCHAS began offering foster care and adoption services from 2010 in the Houston area when a well known children’s charity merged with the organization. The Houston program provides children with foster and foster-to-adopt homes and help children and birth families through their maternity, adoption and post-adoption services.

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