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    This served as a warning!

    Kindly write in full spelling, do not use SMS lingo.

    If you violate this warning, your thread will be either lock or move.

  2. The Computer is built up of many physical devices. These physical devices is called hard ware. Among these devices mother board is one of the most important hardware device of the computer.The whole computer is built up around a motherboard, and it is the most important component in the PC.The controller, busses and the CPU are the part of the mother board.mother boaed is connected to the other hardware devices like joystick,printer,scanner,keyboard,mouce etc.
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    :x :x :x

    Sendy if you have something to say or ask that is not related on topic make your own topic.

    Welcome to PinoyDSL and please read our forum's rules and regulations. :eek:
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