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  1. ^anong plan yan sir caloy? 3Mbps? pati anong location nyo? ambilis ah almost 4Mbps na yan.
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    wow sana ganyan up speed ko....
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  4. e2 po sakin.


  5. plan 384kbps lang.. cainta area

  6. plan 384kbps lang.. cainta area.. so far happy na ko.. consistent naman
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    E2 po sakin Globe Broadband Plan 1mb Pang back up ko pag nwalan ng connection yung pldt ko

  8. [​IMG]
    plan 384 with landline, qc server

    same package, tested on a server based from LA

    both tests were ran while Mario Kart Wii online tournament is running :)

  9. Plan 384kbps w/ landline. Marikina Area. utorrent running w/ downloads.


    Alaska Server Test :)


  10. [​IMG]

    Tested using QC server.

  11. [​IMG]

    PLAN: 1 Mbps

    QC server for testing

    Running Slow earlier, I only got 668Kbps

    Usually I'm getting 900-1000 kbps

  12. [​IMG]

    retested and getting this result. Inconsistent speed results possibly means, intermittent connection... not liking this

  13. here is another one... grrrrr


  14. [​IMG]

    hahay... the speed stinks
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    looks okay,normal speed


  17. [​IMG]

    Globe Wireless Broadband Plan 995 - Agdao, Davao City
  18. kailrusha

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    My Connection from Globlines Business Tycoon Plan, Leyte

    Philippines January 2008

    Singapore January 2008

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    Globe Business Launches Its Enhanced Wired Broadband Packages for SMEs
    As part of Globe’s aim to provide its customers with superior experience, we are pleased to announce that starting November 1, 2008 (Saturday), Globe is now offering its enhanced wired broadband packages specifically created to cater the needs of SMEs. ... yv9wpTk%3d

    mas mura pala ang rate ng globe comapare sa pldt? included na rin ang phone? sarap ng 5mbps... :D

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