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Discussion in 'Bandwidth Speed Meter' started by Guest, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    [shadow=white]Format is[/shadow]

    Plan: (choose from xperience, xcite, xcel)

    Mine is Xperience up to 1.0 Mbps * 999 PHP/month

    Speedtest results: >><<

    My result is slow T_T
    [​IMG] *updated 4|13|08

    Message: I see that my pldt plan xperience is slow! :(

    *Please post your speedtest results so that we can compare and complain!
  2. attaw

    attaw Member

    ako din bumagal na po plan999 po ako

    mga sir fake po tong speed ko :lol: promise
  3. ralphswurld

    ralphswurld Member

    attaw try mo mag dl sa uttorrent or sa print screen mo paste it here.
  4. raime1978

    raime1978 Member

    sir problematic, ang hirap naman ng kalagayan mo, pati ba naman user name mo eh problema pa rin. hehehe. joke lang po.

    try mo na lang report sa pldt yong connection mo. kulitin mo sila cgurado maaayos rin yan.

    welcome po sa PDSL
  5. attaw

    attaw Member

    sir fake talaga speed ko......... :lol:

    oreginal na speed po

    fake na speed ko

  6. kubaimang

    kubaimang Member

    Here. Mabilis pa rin. Plan 999/Xperience
  7. genexide

    genexide Member

    small biz lite

  8. greekolo

    greekolo Member


    my results ko sa mga iba't iba araw..
    download ko sa torrent client. 90-100 kbps
    happy naman ako sa speed ko.. kasi nakukuwa ko naman yung tamang speed para sa plan ko.

  9. overbyte

    overbyte Member

    Xtra 1299 (bundled phone + dsl)

  10. hapahopi

    hapahopi Member

    Plan 999 Experience
  11. rekcah

    rekcah Member


    my office PLDT result
  12. paulnaj6

    paulnaj6 Member

    Plan 1995 Legacy old pldt subscriber

    hanggang ngayon pati speed ko old pa rin. Wala na akong time tumawag nag sawa na rin.
  13. michaeltoks

    michaeltoks Member

    ito akin plan 384kbps pero ito nakukuha ko
  14. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Member


    Plan 1299
  15. goldilocks

    goldilocks Member

  16. goldilocks

    goldilocks Member

    ang bagal naman ng sayo myap hehe.. eto sakin..


    PLAN 999 legacy port
  17. Burwick

    Burwick Member


    Plan 999 din, Legacy Port..
  18. jerrydc0927

    jerrydc0927 Member


    Xperience Plan 999

  19. attaw

    attaw Member

    ang baba ng upload ko

  20. @attaw

    Ang lupit naman ng download mo! Adjusted bayan pre ni GB or SB?

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