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Discussion in 'PLDT DSL' started by beepbeep, May 11, 2010.

  1. Really frustrated, what's the point of having pldtdsl email. For the past two weeks it's been difficult to download pop3 email. I get a few, then it disconnects. Half of what gets through are spam or viruses.

    And to top it off, PLDTDSL doesn't care. no advisories, no apologies. I must be the only person using pldtdsl mail, there aren't even any complaints on the internet.

    anyone have any answers as to why the email is so crappy?
  2. josekym

    josekym Member

    ^^You already mentioned the probable answer: they don't care! That is why it is so crappy. They're probably thinking: "most people are using Yahoo! Mail or Gmail or Hotmail, etc. anyway..."

  3. pldtdsl mail, ok nman po siya sa akin, using zymbra to open my pldtdsl mail. ang new website to open the pldtdsl mail.

  4. thanks seniorita_1505. I used to download my email to Windows Mail, which is also full of problems. I don't know why the link to Check my email on the pldtdsl website does not take me to

    daming nawala na email, I'm migrating to gmail nalang

    Thanks again

  5. has anyone tried to disconnect / discontinue pldtdsl email? My account is spamming people and sending out viruses. emailing customer care is useless, Ive been doing it almost every day for a month. If you call 171 they'll tell you to email customer care.

    What am I supposed to do?
  6. josekym

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    First, change your e-mail password to a strong one right away!

    Second, check you PC for malwares.

    Third, visit your nearest PLDT office nalang and have them discontinue your e-mail account with them.
  7. motion55

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    I don't think the account itself is sending the emails. Your email address is just being spoofed by spammers. Discontinuing the account will not stop the spoofing.

    I agree change the account passowrd from a known good PC that has no password stealing malware.
  8. pcruztemp

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    try hotmail, yahoo mail or gmail

  9. Whether I use the web based email service of PLDTDSL (Zimbra) , or Windows mail on any computer it still sends me virusses from postmaster of pldtdsl or mail delivery service of pldtdsl.

    I only use this account to email customer care to tell them to disconnect it. I've sent myself test emails from my gmail account and it gets sent back to me as spam and sent to other people as well.

    I can't believe in this age on convenience I have to personally go to a PLDT business center to have my email disconnected.
  10. athenaxds

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    Scan your PC with malwarebytes or superantispyware.

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