pldt vpn to pldt and share a bayantel connection question

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by JeffLo, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. JeffLo

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    hello i dont know thats the right word for this vpn tunnel or something

    what i want to do is let my friend connect to me using vpn he has pldt i have pldt and i want to let him use my bayantel line, some sort of tunnel or rerouting this internet connection for a game, is this posible?

    reason is that atm bayantel doesnt lag with the online game we play and at the same time we want to save money, we all have pldt dsl but atm we want bayantel connection but


    mmm parang nakakalito yng explaination ko ah hehehe

    parng ganito we will use pldt1 and pldt2 so that we will have a network connection and use bayantel as our internet connection

  2. hmmm.. di kaya mas babagal ang connection ng friend mo since mas maraming loop ang dadaanan, kasi pldt connects to another pldt, so may latency na yan, tpos connect to bayantel, then connect to game server.. sa tingin ko mas tataas ping ng friend mo so may delay din.

    i-ping mo yung ip address nya then tignan mo kung gaano kataas.. if 50 or more, wag mo na siguro gawin..

  3. I think strangebutcool was right, he's connection will become too slow, because the connection needs to be bypass to another.
  4. JeffLo

    JeffLo Member

    yup you guys are right it would be slower but atm , pldt's connection to at&t's network has big problems during 12pm-12am and our only option is to use a different isp so we were thinking of this or at least try it out anyone know how to do this or any link? or maybe what this type of setp is called? be i remember using dial up connection to my dsl at my store and it was working ok, so i think if networking 2 computers with dsl would be better and use another isp for its main connection to the game server

    if anyone has any idea about this pls do post thanks
  5. nietzsche88

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    try mo ganito baka gumana:

    setup a separate computer in your LAN as a proxy/gateway with two NICs. try mo install Squid it might do the job. connect one NIC to your bayantel line and the other to your LAN.

    let your friend connect to you via VPN.

    configure both your game clients (you'd be in luck if supported) to use the local IP of the proxy machine.


    kahit isipin mo lang matrabaho na sya and it's not even guaranteed to work.antayin nyo na lang umayos connection ng pldt sa game server nyo.hehe :lol:
  6. audiosoul

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    Sir Jeff, paki-detail po ng thread title. (short and detailed)

    Thanks. :)
  7. JeffLo

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    mmm ok pero i dont know what to call this hehehe
  8. JeffLo

    JeffLo Member

    yup parang mahirap nga im not even sure its called vpn , parang may ganito kc na service they call it wowtunnel (pero the problem is that service is in a area that im also having lots of request time out or packet loss when its 12pm-12am everyday) and the game i want to have good connection is world of warcraft and i cant wait anymore ive been calling pldt techs for almost 3 months now and this saturday is expansion release day hehehehe

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