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  1. Hi guys, I know this promo is not DSL promos pero sama ko n rin.. kung bawal paki close nalang... balak ko lang introduce. 8)

    PLDT Vibe Postpaid Plans

    Plan 99
    Total Consumable Hours/month: 270 hours << kaya pala 99++ hrs.
    Off-Peak (12MN - 8AM): 240 hours/month
    Peak (8:01AM - 11:59PM) : 30 hours/month excess usage - P0.06/min

    Lock-in period: 12months
    1st to 3rd months - Pay only P99/mo <<< kaya pala tinawag na P99 for 99hrs
    4th to 12th months - pay P220/mo
    Pre-termination: P1100.00
    No FREE 5mb email

    Plan440 Unlimited
    Total Consumable Hours: 720 hours/mo. <<< 720hrs/30days = 24hrs/day kaya pala unlimited
    Monthly Service Fee: P440
    Lock-in period 12months
    Pre-termination fee: P1100
    No FREE 5mb email

    Plan750 Unlimited
    Unlimited Internet Access
    Monthly service fee: P750
    With Free 5mb email

    VIBE terms and condition:
    -Automatic cut-off every 4 hours for system maintenance procedure
    -single log-in user policy
    -downgrade fee: 550

    UNLIMITED Long Distance Call Extended until March 11, 2005
    Call from your PLDT Phone to any PLDT Phone Nationwide, or to any SMART & Talk 'n Text Cellphone for only P10 PER CALL (hindi per minute...)

  2. This is funny I know, you may call me whatever pleases you but I'm so desperate to find the best way to have a continuous (no sudden dropping of line) conversation on the net. I am a BAYANTEL subscriber and presently using dial up. Can I use PLDT Vibe?

  3. No... pldt vibe plans, as well as pldt prepaid and pay per surf, are exclusively for pldt subscribers only. the only way to avail any of the three is to hve subscribe to pldt postpaid.
  4. Symantec

    Symantec Member

    i suggest you have a dsl connection,bayantel offers that.You will be able to use your landline and surf the net at the same time.The cheapeast is @899 a month/384 Kbps. If you surf everyday,and use internet cards, You will be able to save money if you are using dsl. I was spending 1500 on prepaid cards before a month on dial up. In the long run,you will save money pa,and siyempre,mas mabilis ka na!

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