PLDT Vibe Alternate Access Numbers

Discussion in 'Dialup'pers' started by gato, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Hi, all!

    This is my first post on Anyway, does anyone have the booklet that's supposed to be supplied with the PLDT Vibe cards? I ask because 10121 connects but after connection all that happens is that I waste my credits for nothing - the computer can't download anything through the connection.

    The old cards still work, but there's no promo, and I'm running out of them. Hindi pwede talaga ang PWEDE cards :( ... at least the old cards have alternate access numbers. According to PLDT CSRs (who I might add are very difficult to get to whether you call 171 or 10120), 10121 is the only access number for PLDT Vibe. If anyone here has access to the booklet that comes with the card, could you confirm whether or not what they said is true?


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