PLDT Plan 3000 (Xcel) Free 5mb upgrade

Discussion in 'PLDT DSL' started by Bloke2, May 31, 2011.


Do you think it's fair that only Plan 3000 (Xcel) gets this speed bump? Why?

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  1. Just got a call this morning from PLDT Teleservice. They told me I am qualified for a speed bump 'up to' 5mbps. All I have to do is to renew my contract with PLDT for another year.

    I've been with PLDT DSL for more than 7 years, and I really don't mind the speed bump. So I commited. They just asked for my credentials - the usual SOP to verify my account. Then the CSR told me that the upgrade should be done within 72 hrs and to call 172 if there is no change in my speed.

    This, by the way, is ONLY for Plan 3000 (Xcel) with good credit standing. Lower plans are not eligible...

    Are there any other Plan 3000 (Xcel) subscribers out there that got a call from PLDT Teleservice? How soon did you experience the speed bump?

  2. I've had this offered to me before on plan 2mbps. The CSR told me that if I locked in for a year, they'll upgrade to 3mbps but it would only last for 1 year then it will go back to 2mbps . Is yours permanent?

  3. It's permanent. Unless there's another speed upgrade.

  4. nakakainggit naman,,,,

  5. Good news! PLDT Plan Xcel is NOW up to 5mbps for old AND NEW accounts. Confirmed by PLDT CSR/Supervisor.
  6. motion55

    motion55 Member

    Binalik lang nila ang dating speed before they lowered it to 3mbps. We used to have plan 3000 back in our old place. Speed was not proportional to plan amount back then. We started at 384kbps for 3000/month. PLDT kept upgrading the speed with the introduction of the lower cost plans until we were getting 5++mbps. On some torrents, the speed would go up to 650++KB/s before the PLDT supplied modem-router would hang. Therefore we used an external router instead.
  7. david

    david Member

    I've got plan 1995 now, but I might consider upgrading if it's true. Is there anything official posted somewhere that I could bring to the business office? I checked the pldtdsl website, but it still lists plan 3000 as 3mbps.
  8. david

    david Member

    Another interesting thing, on plan 1995 my line has been synced at 5995 kbps / 996 kbps for many months now. When they first increased the sync speed, I got 5 mbps download for about a month until they capped it. It's still synced at 5995 kbps / 996 kbps, but they're doing something else down the line to limit it to 2mbps.
  9. motion55

    motion55 Member

    They are now controlling the speed at the IP layer instead of the physical link layer. Each IP address is capped to the subscribed plan's speed.
  10. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    its possible that since sabay ito sa globe lamborghini, its an attempt to keep customers from switching

  11. tama, kc sa globe, 10mbps 2199 lng.. kaya dapat habol si PLDT.. =)
  12. motion55

    motion55 Member

    The consumer is the winner when there is true competition. Dapat payagan nila more players sa ISP space. That will hold those usage cappers at bay.
  13. attaw

    attaw Member

    my upgrade rin ba ang 1995?
  14. david

    david Member

    Is the 5mbps unlimited, or are there data caps?
  15. Jairus24

    Jairus24 Member

    Unlimited yung Plan 3000 (5mbps) kaka-advertise lang sa Eat Bulaga kanina ...
  16. david

    david Member

    Cool. I think Globe's got data caps now, so any of the unlimited PLDT plans beat Globe any day of the week (at least for me).
  17. pcruztemp

    pcruztemp Member

    AFAIK not all globe plans have caps.
  18. Jairus24

    Jairus24 Member

    Yung Globe Tattoo DSL (wired) walang cap, Tattoo prepaid meron ...
  19. motion55

    motion55 Member

    They all do have bandwidth usage caps. exact limits to how much you download. It is explicitly stated in the contract. However, some plans are enforced and some are not. You say "hindi naman enforced" but one day you can wake up and it could suddenly be enforced and I told you so.
  20. Jairus24

    Jairus24 Member

    I think Globe Telecom will not dare to enforce it anymore since NTC doesn't approved the bandwidth capping suggested by ISP providers before.

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